CloudQast Helps Global Law Firm Develop Its Junior Lawyers’ Skills

The leadership communications specialist, CloudQast, has completed running a ten-day complex training programme for a global law firm.

St. Albans, United Kingdom, December 07, 2016 --( The leadership communications specialist, CloudQast, has completed running a ten-day complex training programme for a global law firm.

The programme – the 11th such programme that CloudQast has delivered for the firm – involves CloudQast directors Lindsey Mack and Damian Gaskin casting and delivering a series of legal role-plays for junior members of the firm. CloudQast’s Lindsey Mack explained, “All the ‘clients’ with whom they deal are simulated and the delegates are entirely ‘on their own’ but, of course, in a completely commercially ‘safe’ environment.”

The programme focuses on scenarios relevant to the firm’s actual work for its clients, and seeks to enhance the junior lawyers’ ability to deal effectively and productively with influential people and organisations facing complex legal challenges.

“One of the benefits of using immersive role play in this way is that, once a role play is ended, the ‘clients’ come out of character to give the delegates detailed feedback on how they felt that things went,” said Lindsey. “CloudQast also films the sessions – to help in analysing the delegates’ performance.

“By the end of the programme, these junior lawyers have a much better idea of what clients really care about,” he added. “The delegates also gain some valuable insights into their own skill levels, as well as best practice – and, of course, they develop their self-awareness.”

Lindsey’s fellow CloudQast director, Damian Gaskin, commented, “The programme - one of the range of consultancy services that CloudQast offers - contributes to achieving our client’s aim of being exceptional and passionate about helping its clients achieve their goals, however ambitious those are. CloudQast is both proud and pleased to continue to be able to help this firm to achieve these ambitions through developing its junior staff’s knowledge, skills and experience.”

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Established in 2010, CloudQast addresses organisations’ needs for fast, authentic, precise and inspiring communication – especially in the fields of leadership as well as compliance, along with learning and development. Working with companies around the world, primarily – but not exclusively – via Cloud-based, interactive video, CloudQast provides creative, intelligent and flexible solutions for leaders to share their ‘voice, mind and vision’ and, so, engage and inspire their people.

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