New Technological Advances in Underwear

Nanotechnology, Technical Fabrics, Lycra and new weaving machines are making future underwear conform to body contours, wick moisture, deodorizing and antibacterial.

Boston, MA, December 09, 2016 --( Greenyarn LLC, a Boston based Nanotechnology company is launching new Eco-fabric smart ladies bikini underwear. This new underwear is the latest iteration since the first pair of Eco-fabric underwear was launched more than 10 years ago.

"The new technologies in materials and machines are bringing on a new level of technical possibilities in manufacturing," said Greenyarn Technological Officer, Sam Hsieh. "The new Italian weaving machines that are being used to weave compression wear, can make seamless underwear with varying compression zones can shape buttocks, conform to body shape and are very comfortable even after prolonged wear.

Today, there are many advanced materials are softer and more comfortable than even the softest natural fabrics. Microfiber today has come to a point that they wick far more moisture than any natural fiber could. Microfiber or microfibre is synthetic fiber finer than one denier or decitex/thread. This is smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk (which is approximately one denier), which is itself about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair.

For a normal piece of yarn which is about 75 deniers, there can be 144 strands of microfiber. Some of the most wicking specialty microfiber that can only be found in Japan can have easily 512 strands of microfiber in 150 deniers. With more fibers, the yarn is softer and there are more gaps for capillary action to wick moisture.

Greenyarn embeds nanoparticles of bamboo charcoal into fibers, which can be woven into fabrics and made into apparel. The recent advances in yarn technology allowed Eco-fiber -- a yarn that with nano-particles embedded -- to be softer, wick more moisture and abrasive resistant. The bamboo charcoal embedded in Eco-fiber allows the apparel made with it to be deodorizing and antibacterial as well.

With wearable technology in the market, Dupont also had further advances in their line of spandex -- Lycra, which is made to conform to body shape after getting work and in close contact with skin, making the apparel more form fitting. Lycra can also provide much support and a good pair of underwear can be form fitting and yet not constricting.

The recent availability of new technical fabrics allow more possibilities. With advances in knitting technologies, apparels can be knitted with a much higher thread count. This means the underwear can be softer, smoother, seamless and embedded with other benefits. The new Santoni weaving machines with microgauge knits that can utilize air pressure for pure smoothness and compression.

"If you think that all apparels are made equal, you are wrong. As I was researching my option for the new smart ladies underwear, I realized that there was so much advancements in materials in weaving which can make the experience of wearing underwear so different," said the CEO of Greenyarn LLC, Robin Low. "The comfort of some of these synthetic fibers, as well as their ability to be breathable, wick moisture, be deodorizing and antibacterial is of a different magnitude, that even the best natural fibers cannot compare. The abrasion tests also show that even when they feel so soft, they are actually much more durable than before. Be sure to try out the lastest apparel made with these advanced materials, you will be blown away by how they actually feel and fit."
Greenyarn LLC
Robin Low