Animatron Releases Lite Mode for Even Better User Experience

The new mode within the popular animation maker introduces a simplified version of the editor to help newbies animate like a pro.

Boston, MA, December 16, 2016 --( Animatron, an easy-­to-­use and powerful online animated video maker, today announced the availability of a new Lite Mode that allows users with no previous animation experience to easily create stunning animations. The Lite Mode provides many of the capabilities of existing Animatron Expert Mode, however it makes it simpler to navigate and work with the product through a set of new features.

“We are very pleased to see the audience that takes advantage of animated visuals in their everyday work is constantly growing and today includes a very broad range of users,” said Dmitry Skavish, CEO at Animatron. “To respond to the market needs we have released the Lite Mode that will definitely take user experience to the next level by allowing first-timers create animated videos as if they were skilled professionals.”

Key features in Animatron Lite Mode include:

- “Lighter” timeline now allows users to see right away when each object appears on canvas and lets them easily control the length of the scene.
- In and out appearance effects enable characters to fly in and zoom in; users can also move objects in with a hand or even draw them on canvas.
- Popular whiteboard animation style can be used for explainer videos and presentations.
- Voiceover feature lets users record their own voice to accompany animated videos, presentations, and animated infographics.
- Expanded Marketplace now provides even more characters, props, and backgrounds: airport, office, playground, hospital, school or beach, both funny and business, to fit every taste.

Animatron empowers people to create animated assets online with its easy and intuitive interface, free pre-animated sets and extensive suite of drawing instruments. The Lite Mode will be particularly interesting to those who do not have any special design or drawing skills but would like their work to look more appealing and interactive. The Lite Mode will also benefit pro animators and agencies that want to reduce the production cost of animated videos for their clients by reusing huge marketplace with pre-animated assets. Animatron allows users to create animated videos, presentations, infographics, tutorials, demos, cartoons, banners, GIFs, and other visuals which can be widely applied in marketing, social media, blogging, journalism, etc.

Current subscribers of Animatron will receive all new features and effects at no extra charge as the new Lite Mode is included in the present plans. For more information about plans and pricing, please visit:

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