New Research Shows Starlight Aberration is Caused by Earth’s Gravitational Vortex

“Annual Aberration of Starlight,” published in the 5th issue of the Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics by Dimiter Bayramov, calculates that all starlight, reaching Earth, is rotated 19.58 arc seconds, by Earth’s Gravitational Vortex, and accounts for the Astronomical Annual Aberration of Starlight.

Trinity, FL, December 22, 2016 --( The paper overviews the parameters of Earth’s Gravitational Vortex (physical and mathematical model of Earth’s aether fluid mechanics) and calculates that all starlight, reaching Earth, is rotated by approximately 19.58 arc seconds, providing aether-mechanical explanation for another key phenomenon - the Astronomical Annual Aberration of Starlight, often referenced as supporting the Theory of Relativity.

“Synergy of Gravity and Matter Creation,” in the same issue, describes stars and planets as aether sinks and shows the important role of aether pressure and aether vacuum in creating the gravitational flow and keeping matter stable.

“Law and Energy” argues that energy is a fundamental physical reality, while laws (and forces – many laws are concerned with forces) describe relations between entities and phenomena and by definition are not fundamental – the entities and phenomena, subject to the laws are more fundamental than the laws themselves. By inventing “fundamental laws” like “the law of the constancy of the velocity of light in vacuo” and the laws implied by General Relativity, Dr. Einstein deadlocks theoretical advancement in the astrophysical sciences. A complete theory of gravity and matter, based on the Theory of Relativity, was never achieved, meaning that key assumptions and experimental interpretations, at the root of the Theory of Relativity, are not correct.

“The Social Mechanism” discusses the energy fundamentals of society, the role of (constitutional) law in defining a social mechanism, and society’s place in the hierarchy of matter.

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