BioLink Employs ISO-Compliant Biometrics to Count 7.5 Millions of Angolans

BioLink Solutions announces participation in a large identification project to create the population register of Angola citizens based on the database containing their biometric identifiers (fingerprints). The project covering the whole country totals over 7.5 million people.

Luanda, Angola, January 31, 2008 --( The project being deployed divides the country into over 2 thousand enumeration areas, about 2 000 people each. These areas do the primary processing by BioLink’s ISO-compliant (International Standards Organization) algorithms of the enrolled fingerprints and other demographic information obtained by the enumerators. Then the data is transmitted to the central computing centre, where the population register database is being created. Enumerators are also biometrically identified to protect citizens’ personal information and prevent possible misuses while enrolling and processing it.

Angolans are split into 20 subsets managed by the sex and age factors. Enrollment involves scanning of 3 fingerprints and input of other demographic information. Citizens’ fingerprints are captured by 3 200 BioLink U-Match MatchBook Scanners embedded into the mobile enumeration stations.

BioLink Solutions has been selected by Sinfic, a global systems integrator, to deliver the following basic front-end components: biometric scanners and world-leading fingerprint matching algorithms operating in the verification (1:1) and identification (1:N) modes and allowing for the template creation in the required format. Fingerprint templates are generated and transmitted in the ISO-format due to compliance of BioLink’s algorithms with the two internationally accepted ISO standards: ISO/IEC 19794-2 specifying the data format for digital representation of fingerprints, and ISO/IEC 19794-4 defining the interchange format of finger image data.

Prior to the project implementation, Sinfic performed long-lasting load tests of all major biometric scanners and fingerprint matching algorithms. BioLink’s optical scanners guaranteeing high-quality fingerprint images demonstrated the best score results in all tests and were, therefore, preferred to other offerings. Selected instead of traditional ink scanning, they help significantly increasing the efficiency of enrollment and identification procedures. BioLink’s fingerprint matching algorithms that form the core of all identification solutions of the company have a number of international patents and always show proper results in independent biometric tests.

Implementation of biometrics for the population register is internationally accepted and helps significantly advancing the enrollment and identification procedures. For BioLink Solutions, a powerful biometric player, the creation of the Angola population register based on biometrics is another milestone in delivering nationwide identification projects such as Nigerian Voting System (60 mln people) or ECOWAS Nigerian Passport and Border Control System (6.5 mln people), for which BioLink also provided its products and services.

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