Simon Smith eVestigator® Discovers More Than Just Hot Air Coming from the End of a Virgin Flight

Round-table discussions between security experts relating to a purported Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onboard a Virgin Flight causing a security breach raises serious concerns to Simon Smith eVestigator® and colleagues after hearing about a simple WiFi hotspot security "incident."

Melbourne, Australia, March 03, 2017 --( A group of experts sit down and decide to look at the news and expect to see real life security breaches. Instead, they come across a story that relates to an article from BBC News, of a Virgin Flight in air that almost had a catastrophic disaster.

The disaster was caused by a passenger merely setting their WiFi hotspot name exactly Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Simon Smith eVestigator®, a Private Investigator and Cybersecurity expert was present as they discussed the matter; as they heard about what seemed to play out as an act of terrorism. His work often involves locating cyber criminals, cyber stalkers, and being an expert witness behind the stand and he takes these events very seriously.

As he looked around the table he stared with his eyes wide open. Without saying it, everybody essentially could feel his thoughts. The general consensus of the group as later stated by Mr. Smith was that of disappointment in what we have become. Mr. Smith described us as an intelligent species that can be fooled so easily by an event that makes us a danger to ourselves.

He described our world as being so concerned about political affairs, nuclear warfare, threats of terror, but completely missing the point on the most crucial element of all, the human error factor.

Simon Smith Investigator, made it very clear in a round-table discussion with his colleagues shortly after reading the article and said, "There is something seriously wrong with the priorities, spending and the way the world prioritises security, yet what alarms me the most about this story, is the systemic undereducated nature of who we entrust as educated people."

Mr. Smith later stated that to mean, "We as a species are people with power, people who can vote for a President, a Prime Minister, both of whom can launch a nuclear attack with such power". Mr. Smith further added, "We the people can also determine in a court of law a guilty verdict, send someone to imprisonment for the rest of their lives, yet we the people cannot even determine a consumer WiFi hotspot when it is commonplace in homes everywhere."

Mr. Smith referred to this by saying, "In my opinion, World War III has arisen and we are our worst enemy due to lack of education. We should declared and admit that we have reached a real Cybergeddon." Mr. Smith further warned, "I see that the world has a serious Cybersecurity issue to deal with, and all of its priorities are out of order. Billions of dollars has been spent and wasted on media campaigns and inferior training that does not practice or teach the art of Cyber Security properly and does not deal with the sophisticated level of social engineering and human error as the biggest threat."

This press release is based on, and in response to the following attributed story reported by the BBC:
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