Match Made Coffee Launched Fostering Nation's Growing Java Obsession

Oceanside, CA, December 30, 2016 --( Based on the latest figures from the National Coffee Association, the number of daily coffee drinkers in the United States surged ahead 5 percent over the last year, bringing the country's total to 587 million cups per day. Of those who start off each day with the nation's favorite beverage, 34 percent prefer gourmet blends over the typical grocery store collection. In light of this revelation, Alex Moen has launched Match Made Coffee, a company offering monthly subscriptions to artisinal coffee and snack pairings.

Moen elaborated, "At Match Made Coffee, our mission is to create a unique experience with each match we make. We give those who are passionate about their coffee an opportunity to taste the best brews from around the world as well as the newest blends hitting the market. Each month, we hand pick a featured coffee roaster and send subscribers their top three blends. Then, we pair those with expertly crafted snacks designed to complement and enhance the unique flavors of each brew."

As noted on the Match Made Coffee website, customers may choose between ground coffee or whole beans during the first step of the subscription process. Both monthly payments and six-month prepaid options are available. Each monthly delivery consists of three packages of coffee as well as a corresponding treat for each roast with the first month's shipment encased in a wooden chest.

Samples are chosen from roasters around the globe with snacks ranging from cookies and candies to crackers. Each coffee sample produces 10 to 12 cups. In addition to monthly subscriptions, the company offers blog posts focusing on a number of coffee-related topics, such as various brewing techniques and maximizing tasting experiences. Those interested may learn more via the company website.

Concluded Moen, "We've put our own spin on the concept of wine and craft beer tasting, providing coffee lovers a new level of access to international brews. Our approach has been flourishing in other countries for quite some time, and we thought it was time to bring it home. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about what we do, and we invite anyone who loves coffee and treats or knows someone who does to subscribe today!"

About Match Made Coffee:
A family-owned and operated company based in Oceanside, California, Match Made Coffee shares its passion for the industry by taking customers on a new journey each month to uncover unparalleled tastes and experiences with their daily cups of coffee.
Match Made Coffee
Alex Moen