Need for Copywriting Jobs Increase for 2008; Where Are the Copywriters?

In BtoB's "2008 Marketing Priorities and Plans" recent survey, they found that 60% of B2B marketers plan to increase their marketing budgets next year. Where are the Copywriters?

Broomfield, CO, January 31, 2008 --( With an increase in budget comes an increase in demand for copywriting jobs in 2008. Most businesses use the majority of their marketing budgets in the first six months, therefore it is critical that copywriters, especially freelance copywriters make themselves known to their target market.

This is also good news for those who are thinking of switching to a career as a freelance copywriter. The desire to find a job to work from home in is increasing (and why not – it is a win-win for many working mothers) and copywriting is an in demand service.

With this increase in spending, copywriters are preparing for their own marketing efforts. Kelly Robbins, founder of The Copywriting Institute stated, “As a health care copywriter, I was excited to see this statistic. I instantly began working more intently on my marketing plan so that I could be sure the prospects in my target market knew I could take on any new projects they needed done in 2008. Unfortunately, I personally know many copywriters who are stuck in their marketing efforts and are not prepared for this increase.”

The Copywriting Institute has an online course for freelance copywriters who are looking to build their copywriting business and attract clients in their target niche. The Build Your Copywriting Business Course is designed to help copywriters put systems in place to find clients in their target market. Copywriters learn how to get their name top of mind in their target market so that prospects will think of them before anyone else.

Copywriters who take the course learn what they need to do to become a high earning copywriter and learn what marketing methods work best for successful copywriters. They develop marketing materials in the course like a web site, business cards, sales letter, and create writing samples and learn how to get them published. Copywriters also receive coaching and feedback on all assignments and written materials.

Ina Gilmore, a graduate of the course, had this to say, “During the course, I found my micro-niche, and developed my marketing materials. I began working on my website and blog, both of which I completed less than two weeks after finishing the course. The course materials, homework, and gentle coaching were just what I needed to build my confidence and jump-start my business.”

The Copywriting Institute’s mission is to help copywriters and aspiring copywriters learn to make high profits and create their ideal life through great writing, by creating marketing systems to generate a consistent stream of prospects, and living joyfully.

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