New Zealand Man Invents New Low-Tech Robot Fighting League

Stupid Robot Fighting League is launched as an alternative to hi-tech robot fighting shows.

Te Puke, New Zealand, January 04, 2017 --( A man from Te Puke, New Zealand, has invented a new fighting sport where nobody gets hurt. It’s called Stupid Robot Fighting League.

“In its simplest form,” says creator John Espin, “Two teams of three people have 2 hours to build a life sized puppet that looks like a robot. It then hangs in a frame and is controlled by pushing and pulling on poles attached to the ‘robots’ as they fight.

Stupid Robot Fighting is a recycler's dream. All of the ‘robots’ are made from discarded materials and are connected by wire or hot glue.

As the fighting continues in each round, parts are guaranteed to fly off. This was by John’s design. “I’m interested in the drama and silliness of the whole thing.”

Because of the simple nature of the construction of the ‘robots’ Stupid Robot Fighting League is something everyone can join in.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for Stupid Robot Fighting League’s upcoming YouTube Show. “We can fund this ourselves but we wanted to test the idea on the outset to get people on board and spread the word.”

If recycled robot destruction is of interest to you then visit the kickstarter page to learn more.

John Espin is the creator of Stupid Robot Fighting League.

John Espin
Te Puke,
New Zealand.





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