- The New Job Board Looking to Provide More Focus on Young Individuals Trying to Find Their First Jobs

As youth unemployment rises, the need for new ideas will change the market forever.

London, United Kingdom, January 13, 2017 --( Young individuals have always struggled to find their way into the workforce. Whether it be because of their age, or their experience. There has never been a dominant tool that allows these young individuals who want to start their career a way of doing so.

That's where Ambytal comes in. The brand-new job board which is providing focus into the hiring of young individuals who want to work but lack workplace experience. The job board was created by James Horner after it took him over 6 months to find his first role due to the unclear posts that the majority of general job boards have.

"When I was 18, I knew what I wanted to do, so I went out there and began to apply for jobs. The biggest issue I found was that my keyword search stated 'no-experience' but whenever I read the descriptions of these jobs, it would display otherwise," James said. "I think the biggest issue is that these job boards never provided a real tool for people lacking experience to actually filter the opportunities," he also added.

The job board itself has taken method into tackling this issue, by providing a restriction to employers who wish to post their job adverts. This means they have to specify from a drop down menu the level of experience required, which can only be a maximum of 6 months. Job seekers also have a similar tool, when searching for roles, they can specify their filter to the level of experience required.

Ambytal has a great case of using simple tools to disrupt the way in which young people can find kick start their dream roles, check out their website here:
Ambytal Limited
James Horner