Meet the Smartest, First Fitness Tracking Camera That Motivates Users to Get and Stay Fit

Ktech Fitness by Amedus, llc. Is a fitness tracker like no other. By using a high-tech camera, users will be able to track their full fitness routines at home and in the gym.

Dallas, TX, January 09, 2017 --( A good fitness experience does not end with a fitness tracker, it begins with it. That’s why Ktech Fitness brings an application that places users at the heart of their fitness routines, not only in keeping them informed about what they do, but also by inspiring them to do even more.

Through a flattering combination of innovation and pleasure, Ktech Fitness succeeds in humanizing the art of fitness tracking, giving users the incentives to remain excited and motivated about their fitness activities. With Ktech Fitness, the users' fitness routines are no longer some mere individual chores to track, but enjoyable activities to look forward to.

Ktech Fitness uses a hi-tech camera and sensor, along with some software, to give users a balanced, humanized, and personalized fitness experience that tracks their fitness routines per the type of workout and the parts of the body involved, giving them the opportunity to achieve individual fitness goals with unique ease and pleasure.

Ktech Fitness offers even more. Having recognized the importance of getting users to stick to their fitness schedule, Ktech Fitness comes with reward features that allow users to track progress and stats and earn vital points through a virtual fitness profile, and use points earned as discounts, coupons, and purchases, adding a dose of fun and excitement to an otherwise physically demanding experience.

Another exciting thing about Ktech Fitness is its multi-device and multi-channel capabilities. It will be available on iOS, Windows, and Android, whether at home or at fitness centers, individually or part of a group. Groups and fitness centers will have the extra fun of competing against others and win exciting rewards and credits.

Ktech Fitness is ideal for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users and is specially designed to meet the fitness needs and expectations of all categories of users by offering customized fitness experiences that addresses their unique fitness concerns. The core idea is to improve users’ overall fitness experience, by keeping them in their best physical and mental shapes while having great fun the Ktech Fitness way.

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