Las Vegas Business Leader Siloh Moses Shares Secrets of Success

Las Vegas entrepreneur Siloh Moses explains how gratitude and humbleness can have a profound impact on business.

Las Vegas, NV, January 07, 2017 --( SIloh Moses, the founder of #ServingHopeLV—a grassroots organization that serves Las Vegas’s unemployed, underemployed, and homeless, was interviewed by Mark Lack on the December 15th episode of Business Rockstars. In the interview, Moses told his story of personal redemption—going from homelessness to being a leader in the Las Vegas business community, how putting others first can benefit business owners, and why practicing gratitude is crucial to business success.

Three years ago, Moses was, himself, homeless, sleeping in abandoned buildings and eating out of trashcans. It was not until someone else believed in him—an old boss he had worked for before he lost his job, house, and car—that Moses was able to get off of the streets. It took someone else to remind him that he was better than his circumstances and the chain of events that got him there.

It is this hope that is at the core of #ServingHopeLV. Moses was inspired to serve others hope and belief in themselves, so, when he first got back on his feet, had a roof over his head and some food in the refrigerator, he made a pot of spaghetti from his own kitchen and took it into one of Las Vegas’s largest homeless communities.

That night, Moses fed his first 30 people. Over two-and-a-half years later, he hasn’t missed a Monday since, and he is now joined by over 100 volunteers.

Now, Moses is a prominent leader in Las Vegas’s business community. As the owner of nonprofit restaurant Fork & Spoon LV, Moses inspires other business owners with his story, which he shares through professional speaking.

Asked about his secrets to success and what transformed his life, Moses told Lack that gratitude and humbleness are at the center of his approach to life; “It’s the number one thing that drives me… You woke up this morning, you have air in your lungs, you should have gratitude.” He went on to explain to Lack that he and other business owners have found that gratitude helps reduce the stresses of making payroll and running a business.

It is these same principles that Moses urges business owners to incorporate into their mission, business practices, and customer service. Social entrepreneurship and starting a movement starts with putting other people first. In business, he asserts, love, care, and authenticity are the missing ingredients.

For some businesses, going above and beyond for the customer in a way that feels good can be the best way to incorporate these principles into their approach, and, for others, finding a compelling “why” can mean the difference between business stagnation and business success. It is in crafting a compelling mission that entrepreneurs will not only drive their own motivation and that of their employees, but also attract a tribe of loyal clients and customers—for TOMS shoes, for example, it is not the product that speaks to the people, but the mission that speaks to the people and causes them to wear the shoes. Moses concludes, “Today, customers are looking to purchase products that speaks to them deep inside. They are looking for products to fall in love with.”

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Siloh Moses

Siloh Moses has been called a philanthropist, crusader for the homeless, humanitarian, and leader in giftivism—the practice of radical generosity that transforms the world. As the founder of #ServingHopeLV, Moses lives to radically change the world by serving those who are less fortunate, underemployed and unemployed.

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