Major Merger Announced Between Non-Profits Providing Clean Drinking Water to Rural African Villages

Two non-profit organizations that work to supply clean drinking water to impoverished people in underdeveloped countries are merging to form a single organization. The merger will allow the combined organization to more efficiently serve the people they are helping.

Aston, PA, January 08, 2017 --( Representatives from Lifetime Wells for Ghana and Wells for Relief, International announced this week that the two companies will be merging effective Jan 1, 2017 resulting in Lifetime Wells International. The two companies have been working cooperatively for many years to provide clean drinking water to people that do not have it.

Lifetime Wells for Ghana (LWG) is currently engaged in tireless efforts to bring clean, drinking water to rural villages in Tanzania and Ghana. To date more than 500 wells have been drilled Tanzania utilizing mud rotary drilling. That has brought clean drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people. Wells for Relief, International’s (WFR) expertise lies in air rotary drilling and is primarily supporting drilling efforts in the Northern Region of Ghana. The merger has come about to combine their expertise, reduce redundancies and to more economically provide their services. All of this will allow them to better serve people that do not have clean drinking water.

LWG began working in Ghana in 2006 after its founder, Ken Wood, traveled there to provide guidance to a charity group that he was donating drilling equipment to. After witnessing the desperate and widespread need for clean drinking water in the country, Mr. Wood set out to work with local Ghanaians to install water wells in villages that did not have access to one. Despite the expense and difficulty of maintaining drilling equipment, more than 1100 wells have been installed to date in Ghana. In 2010, WFR began partnering in the efforts in Ghana so that drilling operations could be expanded to other areas. Because of the success of the partnership, LWG was able to expand its operation in 2011 to Tanzania. Already, more than 500 wells have been drilled in Tanzania.

WFR was founded in 2004 by David Powell and Mark Mills. It was founded to help alleviate the suffering caused by unsafe drinking water in underdeveloped countries. For several years they worked in Morocco, bringing clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to numerous schools and villages. Because of mounting external pressures, WFR shifted its focus to Ghana in 2010 and partnered with LWG. WFR has continued to assist with drilling operations and has also undertaken numerous mechanization projects that allow a single producing well to provide water to multiple villages. In 2014, WFR began a partnership with the Villanova University Engineering Department to focus on sustainability efforts for the wells they are installing. Students and faculty have participated in numerous trips to Ghana and have contributed invaluable engineering assistance on mechanization projects as well. In 2015, WFR has also donated technical assistance to Water Missions International when Mr. Powell travelled with them to Sendafa, Ethiopia to help rehabilitate and return partially-blocked primary water well to full-capacity, restoring water to over 15,000 villagers.

“Sustainability of our water projects has been a cornerstone of our efforts. Now our board is taking an exciting step forward in the sustainability of our organization,” said David Powell, the current President of WFR.

The new company, Lifetime Wells International will continue to focus on its efforts to provide clean, sustainable drinking water to underprivileged areas of the world and will be officially opening on January 1, 2017 at 17B Mount Pleasant Drive, Aston PA 19014 and 24321 Shore Highway, Denton, MD 21629. For more information about the work that has been done by the two companies in the past, visit their legacy websites at and A new website for the merged organization will be announced in the near future.
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