Rethink Staffing Announces New Tagline

An outsourcing company based in the Philippines presents a new corporate slogan. The tagline "Rethinking Global Collaboration" reflects the shift in perspectives in global outsourcing.

Iloilo City, Philippines, January 11, 2017 --( Rethink Staffing, a sustainable outsourcing company based in the Philippines, unveils a new tagline, "Rethinking Global Collaboration," to the public. It will be used in all of its marketing campaigns. The tagline refers to the company's outsourcing partnership with clients turning into a global collaboration that will increase their profits and grow their business.

One of the goals of Rethink Staffing or RTS is to provide sustainable outsourcing services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company wants to build a long-term partnership that's collaborative and mutually beneficial with their clients. This global collaboration promises to drive new revenue, quicken time-to-market process, and increase innovation for their businesses.

This advanced approach to outsourcing requires adjustments to traditional outsourcing strategy and processes. This is where Rethink Staffing shines. With the RTS Smart Staffing System or S3, Rethink Staffing makes it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to outsource. It offers reduced risk and greater value to staffing offshore.

Rather than work for a client, Rethink Staffing works with a client. It's a give-and-take relationship that promises mutually beneficial results. Each stakeholder - from the employees and managers to the clients and their onshore staff - contributes to the bottom line of RTS, the continued improvement of processes, and the overall growth of the client's business.

About Rethink Staffing

Rethink Staffing is a sustainable offshore staffing company. We build custom teams for our clients in several locations around the world, depending on what their greatest staffing challenges are. Have trouble hiring people? Turnover rate too high? Want stability in your operations? Need to save money? Starting or moving a team offshore can accomplish all of these things. Call (484) 383 4100 now for your custom quote.
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