Markham Firm Released a Simple But Effective Secure Email Solution

Markham, Canada, January 11, 2017 --( OptiMicro Technlologies Inc., a leading provider of IT solutions, today announced the launch of QuickLock™ secure email, designed for professional services firms and their clients.

Legal and accountancy experts (among others) are often required to send confidential documents such as draft tax returns by email. Today, these professionals frequently send them in unencrypted form, to spare their clients the difficulty of struggling with encryption. QuickLock™ enables these firms to ship thousands of documents automatically (by batch transmission if desired), each encrypted with the recipient’s password.

CEO Raymond Ho explains, “Yes, there are many solutions on the market today, but the elephant in the room is that almost no firms use them, despite their professional obligation to provide client confidentiality. The legacy solutions are too complicated, so clients naturally object to the confusion they cause. We have designed a solution that provides simplicity and effectiveness for both sides.”

A key feature is client choice. If clients accept security, they receive an encrypted document in PDF format. Otherwise, clients receive the documents in plaintext as they do today. Corporations can tailor their own policies to meet their unique client needs.

Secure clients only use a single password for all documents they receive. Even easier, when they reply, perhaps with an edited document, they need nothing to generate encryption.

Ho added that the solution also works on mobile devices, where users can download a simple app that stores the user’s password, offering an end to the need to remember anything at all. “Once the system is set up, users on both sides report much greater confidence that their sensitive documents are not being intercepted and read.”

Corporate customers are also taking advantage of the “appliance option,” where the firm installs its own QuickLock™ server behind its own corporate firewall. “It’s natural that a corporation wants to control everything, from client registration to content inspection of outgoing emails. We understand that, and make it easy.”

QuickLock™ has chosen Shenzhen, China as its roll-out city in China, offering corporate and private clients immediate support as required. “The system is intuitive, and many IT departments don’t need us at all. Still, we’re on call should they want our support.”
OptiMicro Tech Inc
Raymond Ho