OTK Media Group, Inc. Launched the "Hollywood, Unapologetic!" Web-Series as a Platform for the "New Hollywood Generation" Movement

OTK Media Group, Inc. announces the launch of the "Hollywood, Unapologetic!" web-series as a platform for the "New Hollywood Generation" movement and for the upcoming release of “Pollyanna’s Tear Soaked Battlefields of Hollywood: A Survival Guide Against the Cynicism and the Hypocritical” series of books due for release in 2017.

Los Angeles, CA, January 11, 2017 --(PR.com)-- OTK Media Group, Inc. and Emmy® Award winner Orlando Delbert have successfully launched the ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ web-series, as part of a digital platform for content creators and filmmakers to learn and to empower one another as part of the ‘New Hollywood Generation’ movement.

“‘Empower one another. Empower an industry’. That is the core belief of what the ‘New Hollywood Generation’ movement is all about,” said Delbert. “‘The New Hollywood Generation’ movement is all about reinforcing the importance of planning and finding balance, having perseverance, flexibility, endurance, and will, and learning to develop a realistic optimism about one self and one’s surroundings. Take the time to self-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and don’t hold anything in favor of one another. This is important in not only in a “trial by fire” situation, but also in all aspects of life. The ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ web-series, along with the upcoming release of “Pollyanna’s Tear Soaked Battlefields of Hollywood: A Survival Guide Against the Cynicism and the Hypocritical” series of books are tools to help you assemble your toolset for your own success in Hollywood and in life.”

“As content creators, we need to be objective in our sharing of our life experiences,” said Delbert. “And as part of the ‘New Hollywood Generation’, we must take into account how our voices will influence, not just those directly involved in the events we are sharing, and also the generations of those we may never meet through a ripple affect. Imagine if just one percent of the 75 million millenials took on the responsibility of telling the stories of potential and a positive future, stories of something bigger than ourselves where we can see hope in the future where we come together for the greater good. This is the only way to have true solidarity with one another. That is true power. That is the true power of having a positive single narrative and can influence positive change for generations.”

“There will be times you may want to give up and stick your head in a hole in the ground,” said Delbert. “And in Hollywood, this will reoccur from time to time. It happens to every one of us. It’s OK to feel that when life beats you up enough. But it can keep you down if you let it. Life has no problem sucker punching you when you’re busy smelling the roses, and even pressing down its steel-tipped boots on your neck while you are feeling dejected. Success is defined by how many hits you can take and still move forward. It’s not about giving up. The ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ web-series is designed to help motivate the viewer, as well as to use examples of dysfunction and toxicity in and around the entertainment industry as real-world examples of things to watch out for and learn from to help you follow your dreams and keep you on your road to success.”

The ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ web-series can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxiMXjxxZOUEEUH7wbOG8Rg

The ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ web-series and the “Pollyanna’s Tear Soaked Battlefields of Hollywood: A Survival Guide Against the Cynicism and the Hypocritical” series of books were designed to be at the core of the ‘New Hollywood Generation’ as a progressive movement to encourage discussions that will initiate constructive lines of thought in the hopes to get young people to become thought leaders and to create a positive voice for themselves, their communities, and one another.

More information about Mr. Delbert can be found at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0216618/.

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