Otk Media Group, Inc. Produced "Hollywood, Unapologetic!" - "We Are the New Hollywood Generation: Our Time is Now" Episode, as Part of the "New Hollywood Generation"

Los Angeles, CA, January 11, 2017 --(PR.com)-- OTK Media Group, Inc. and Emmy® Award winner Orlando Delbert have successfully produced and released the sixth episode of ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ – “We Are The New Hollywood Generation: Our Time Is Now” as part of the ‘New Hollywood Generation’ movement.

“The motion picture industry has been setting itself up for failure in a similar way they did at the end of Hollywood’s Golden Age in the 1960s,” said Delbert. “During the Golden Age of Hollywood, the world of cinema was ruled by the industrialization of the Hollywood machine. The major studios had complete control over the production, distribution, and exhibition of their films. The productivity and production quality was high because they were able to coordinate a standardized production system made up of stables of talent on contract, had complete control of marketing, and had ownership of many of the theaters nationwide. These factors allowed the studios to maintain a level of stability and highly efficient factory-like mass production.”

“After the end of Hollywood’s Golden Age in the 1960s, the film studios were greatly weakened. Production slowed dramatically,” said Delbert. “The studio moguls believed the musicals and historical epics in all its grandeur and flamboyance could compete directly against the growing popularity of the television set.

“Filmmaking was growingly expensive,” said Delbert. “During this time, the major studios financed and distributed independently produced domestic pictures more and more. By mid-decade movies made specifically for television became a regular part of network programming. The audience share dwindled to an alarmingly low level by the mid 1960s. There was a desperation felt due to expensive Hollywood feature films that were unsuccessful in the box office.”

“Another factor adding to the dwindling audience in theaters was in part due to the baby boomer generation coming of age,” said Delbert. “The audience demographic went from a middle-aged high school educated audience to a younger, college-educated demographic by the 1960s.”

“Today, a lot of focus and money is thrown into creating films of high spectacle, but lacking in intelligence,” said Delbert. “Outside of the independent and foreign film worlds, many Hollywood films are heavy in special effects but lack substance in story, which in turn feeds into the growing anti-intellectual strain that is currently growing in America.”

“Hollywood has reached a point of soaring costs in all facets of production for both film and television, which are continuing to rise, and dangerously close to imploding in on itself,” said Delbert. “It has become prohibitively expensive to develop films and television programming with high-production value for a smaller amount of money with the current business model in the most part. Too much is expected by the studios to turn a profit in a short period of time, and support ancillary tie-in products. This single-mindedness approach by the studios has made it increasingly harder for moderately budgeted, intelligent and original motion pictures that are aimed at adults to get onto movie screens nationwide. A good new idea has become too much of a risk for the studios.”

Hollywood, Unapologetic! - “We Are The New Hollywood Generation: Our Time Is Now” can be seen at: https://youtu.be/aZIMgi0cL50.

“A trend developing now which has helped create a surge in scripted television productions, narratives that are of a diverse openness and willingness to be inclusive of one another,” said Delbert. “Without question, this is the time to create projects that are far more fitting to our modern world, where we’re more genuinely accepting of one another, far more than just of one’s skin color or heritage, but also on gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, and true diversity and inclusiveness of thought.”

The ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ web-series can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxiMXjxxZOUEEUH7wbOG8Rg.

The ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ web-series and the “Pollyanna’s Tear Soaked Battlefields of Hollywood: A Survival Guide Against the Cynicism and the Hypocritical” series of books were designed to be at the core of the ‘New Hollywood Generation’ as a progressive movement to encourage discussions that will initiate constructive lines of thought in the hopes to get young people to become thought leaders and to create a positive voice for themselves, their communities, and one another.

More information about Mr. Delbert can be found at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0216618/.

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