The Zoozler Venture Network is Looking for an Idea

You have a fantastic idea for a product or service but you don't know how to go about making it a reality. You know that you'll need investors but how do you get to them? That's where the Zoozler Venture Network can help. The Zoozler Venture Network will take the idea and help make it into a successful reality.

Cincinnati, OH, January 13, 2017 --( When it comes to startups, there are thousands of ideas for companies that never come to fruition. They either never go further than being an idea or there are no interested investors so how can a startup become a successful business? That is where the Zoozler Venture Network comes in.

Zoozler, a Cincinnati digital marketing and technology development agency, is launching the Zoozler Venture Network; a worldwide conglomerate of investors looking to invest in a great idea.

For a small business to become involved in the Venture Network, potential clients need to fill out the online application. Once their application has been processed, it will be reviewed to find out if the idea has already been done and if there is a market for it. From there, should the application be accepted, we will handle the behind-the-scenes work such as product validation and finding investors so that the applicant can focus on building the business.

“Cincinnati has an amazing, tight-knit startup community and as we are the only venture studio in the area we are really excited to be able to help other startups to grow into successful businesses,” Zoozler CEO Paul Powers said. "Potential clients for the Venture Network can either become a part of it through the Zoozler Tech Lab or just go into the Venture Network."

Potential clients should visit for more information about joining the Venture Network or to apply.

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Jessica Tomichek