BrightCoach Launches IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign

Ground-breaking Coaching Company Launches Nationwide Crowdfunding Campaign.

Laguna Beach, CA, January 14, 2017 --( BrightCoach, a rapidly growing Southern California innovator in the Coaching industry, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund its rapid growth. BrightCoach begins its vision to transform 1,000,000 lives over the next ten years.

The funds raised through this Indiegogo campaign will be used to increase the company’s infrastructure and capabilities to transform lives and businesses. It will help grow and expand the organization, including hiring executives and staff, adding additional advanced technology and marketing capabilities, recruiting and onboarding new BrightCoaches, and the advancement of its business and life coaching curriculums.

The campaign will run only 40 days beginning January 2nd 2016, and will involve up to 30,000 people across the US and the world. Each potential contributor, will be encouraged and incented to donate small amounts, anywhere from $25 to $500 or more to support the growth and business purpose of BrightCoach. Incentives and perks run from a drawing for a seven day trip of enlightenment to Nepal, life-transforming downloads, psychological profiling, to actual one-on-one coaching sessions with Life or Business BrightCoaches.

“Our purpose is to help millions of people in towns, rural areas, communities and cities across the US and the planet to substantially improve their lives and create a new way forward to a better personal, family and business life,” said Ashworth. “This is a very big idea. Most people will never realize their true potential. BrightCoach helps individuals determine their best path forward to a rich and meaningful life or business. Through the new science of today’s coaching, we can make change happen for many, moving those people and businesses forward who have struggled for years.”

“We have spent the last year building BrightCoach,” said Ashworth. “We have developed the vision, purpose and comprehensive business strategies for BrightCoach, along with a competitive ramp-up and expansion strategy that will allow BrightCoach to expand its operations across the US, and in late 2017 begin to expand into other areas of the world.”

“BrightCoach has developed a contemporary brand and culture designed to be relevant in all countries, demographics, and cultures,” stated Ashworth. “We have created the industry's most sophisticated marketing capabilities, incorporating cross channel micro personalization, 1:1 messaging, and multi-channel media and content across many digital platforms. We have also created a comprehensive proprietary BrightCoach platform incorporating advanced content and knowledge management, curriculums and on-going training for all Coaches, media content & video, communications tools, personalized marketing and lead nurturing, website content management, secured client files, financial management, and machine learning, analytics and reporting, and proprietary software applications.”

“BrightCoach has already launched a test, and is now operating a large geographic area with multiple Coaches, with great success,” said Ashworth. “We are optimistic, as we launch the BrightCoach movement. Our small team has achieved a lot in the past year, and we are poised for considerable growth. We are crystal-clear on what we need to do, and understand there will be many hurdles to overcome along the way. This has never been done before,” said Ashworth, so we are charting an exciting new journey, with the vision to transform the lives of 1,000,000 people over the next decade.

About BrightCoach BrightCoach is a rapidly growing innovator in the Coaching industry. It is a company of talented, experienced, executive business, and life coaches, dedicated to helping our clients achieve their desired goals. BrightCoach works closely with our clients to help them move forward in a unique one-on-one Coaching relationship to create positive change, leadership skills, active self-discovery and extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. For more information, please visit
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