Sia and Minebox Announce Strategic Collaboration to Give People a Better and More Secure Data Storage Option

Boston, MA, January 14, 2017 --( Sia (, a Boston-based subsidiary of Nebulous Inc., has announced their collaboration with Austria-based storage device maker Minebox IT Services GmbH ( to provide people with a more secure decentralized cloud data storage option.

"Sia wants to provide consumers and businesses with the perfect data storage solution, the one-stop shop for their files, and act as a personal cloud that will keep files secure and in their control,” said David Vorick, CEO, and co-founder of Sia. "We have taken the power of the blockchain and combined it with file storage, proving the same benefits for files that were previously given to money - no relying on humans, no terms of service, no single points of failure. A true upgrade to how we keep our files.”

Minebox first product, the Minebox NAS (network attached storage device), is designed to integrate with Sia's platform fully. "To create such a solution we had to make the backup process very elegant and we need to distribute the data across several nodes,” said Vlado Patrushev, CEO, and founder of Minebox. "Similar solutions to Minebox exist, and they can be useful, but if the device physically fails, you're done. We want to avoid solutions for backup, where the user is not in control. After evaluation of the existing peer-to-peer networks, we saw the architecture of Sia as very elegant, user-friendly and with healthy fundamentals."

The collaboration with Sia gives Minebox a competitive advantage over competitors by allowing users to share unused space to earn cryptocurrencies and choose where their files are backed up in more than one place offsite.

About Nebulous Inc.
Nebulous is the parent company to Sia. Nebulous’ focus is reliable, decentralized infrastructure to help bring forward the future. Sia is currently the primary project of the Nebulous team.

About Sia
Sia is a blockchain based decentralized cloud storage platform that provides users with increased security and privacy at hyper-competitive prices. Since our June 2016 launch, tens of thousands of storage contracts have been successfully executed on Sia's platform. Further information can be found online and on the official Sia forum

About Minebox IT Solutions GmbH
Minebox is building data storage, archiving and backup solutions using NAS computers, blockchain technology, peer to peer networks, public-key cryptography, and open-source, decentralized data storage systems. For further information, please see

About Minebox NAS
Mine box NAS, the first product from Minebox IT Solutions GmbH, is a smart data storage box that connects to peer-to-peer cloud storage network powered and secured by a blockchain.
Sia (Nebulous Inc.)
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