schmockyyy Hits 100,000 Subscribers on His YouTube Channel

Munich, Germany, January 16, 2017 --( Another rising star was born on YouTube today as Joel Neustadt aka schmockyyy announced that his main channel on YouTube has gathered 100,000 subscribers who religiously follow him on social media. He expects that the number of his subscribers will be much more than those figures as days go by.

schmockyyy is just a few of the YouTube sensations who got that huge number of subscribers and not a lot of people who strive to be artists on YouTube made it happen. He is just one of the blessed ones to be the apple of the eye of most YouTube users and it was expected that his name will continue to mark on the minds of people who appreciate his excellence in making clear video tutorials online. Joel Neustadt is a famous Minecraft player and a songwriter who has been known by many by his pseudo name schmockyyy and he captains 2 separate channels on Let’s Play for both German and English speakers. He started to gain fame when he created and launched Player versus Player gameplay as well as tutorials. Before the time his name rose into stardom, he studied music in a university and then he finally translated those skills he developed into his Minecraft music performance channel trivia. His success on YouTube made him earn partnership with the His popularity on YouTube is much the same with the fame his fellow gamer Simon Unge has earned. All of these started on him at the time he started in posting videos about Minecraft. People on YouTube found his videos quite useful and so, they started following and subscribing to his channel which later on became a hub for players who need help in learning tricks and strategies that can be used to play Minecraft.

schmockyyy hopes that this success will continue. He promises that he will continuously give something useful to everyone, especially to people who subscribed to his main channel on YouTube.

Joel Neustadt is the rising YouTube star with the nickname schmockyyy. He is a famous video maker who posted tutorials and actual gameplays between players on YouTube, teaching other Minecraft players how they can make their gaming experiences much more enjoyable and successful.
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