The Toasted Quinoa Project Educates Consumers and Preserves Tradition

New educational site seeks to help consumers cook and enjoy popular superfood.

Chicago, IL, January 18, 2017 --( Quinoa expert and co-founder of quinoa company I Heart Keenwah Ravi Jolly is pleased to announce the launch of his educational resource, The Toasted Quinoa Project ( The new site features information, resources, recipes, and Jolly’s original photography from his travels in Bolivia.

While quinoa consumption in North American is on the rise, most consumers are not aware of the benefits that pre-toasting offers in both taste and convenience. Toasting quinoa before it’s boiled eliminates the need for rinsing, brings out its naturally nutty flavor, and helps to absorb water, resulting in a softer, fluffier end-product.

The Toasted Quinoa Project aims to educate consumers about the proper way to prepare quinoa at home, as well as the importance of sourcing quinoa sustainably and ethically. The site’s founder and contributors believe more people would eat quinoa, a superfood, if they knew how good it can taste when properly prepared.

“In the frantic rush to popularize quinoa as the world’s next big superfood, suppliers have skipped the toasting process and focused on producing more quinoa,” Jolly states on the website. “At the current speed of progress, quinoa may lose its cultural traditions altogether. To combat this, we feel quinoa-enthusiast should experience the authentic way of cooking and enjoying quinoa, a way perfected by Bolivian farmers.”

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