BeezMax Ortho Cream Will be Available in January 2017

New Orleans, LA, January 19, 2017 --( Joint pain is quite common and it could be really unpleasant and irritating. The condition could be mild or severe and usually occurs in knees, elbows and shoulders. Many people believe that joint and tissue pain occurs as a result of the aging process, but the truth is that there also are young people who experience joint pain, even at the age of 20 – 25. Physicians consider that joint pain occurs as a result of trauma, fractures, heavy lifting, rheumatism, arthritis and other health factors.

BeezMax ortho cream has been specifically formulated by carefully selected plant extracts to help relieve joint and tissue pain caused through strains, sprains, over work or other non specific injuries. The product contains propolis extract, bee venom, beeswax, horse chestnut extract, cedar sap, olive oil, bee extract and wax moth extract. Additional ingredients include vitamins B1, B5 and C, which have a strengthening effect on vein muscle walls and tissue regeneration, as well as substances that possess vasodilatory and painkilling properties. BeezMax cream regular use prevents deposition of salts, helps joints and tissues. It helps to get rid of pain and swelling. Cream's natural composition makes it suitable for daily use from people of all ages.

BeezMax ortho cream is a brand new product of its kind and will be available for purchase in January 2017.
Harriet Jackson