BrightCoach Announces $1 Drawing for Trip to Bali

BrightCoach Offers a Chance to Find Yourself in Bali.

Laguna Beach, CA, January 19, 2017 --( BrightCoach, a fast growing Southern California innovator in the Coaching industry, wants a lucky person to travel to the beautiful Island of Bali to discover themselves alongside the pristine beaches, the age old temples and the unique Bali people and culture.

“A stunning and truly magical place,” said BrightCoach’s Founder and CEO, Peter Ashworth. “We want to send at least one person, to one of the world’s most beautiful and tranquil places, to relax on white sand beaches, to find peace in discovering the many thousand year old temples, to meditate and reflect, but mostly to experience the true tranquility and Bali culture that is the true essence of a content life.”

“For only $1, someone’s life is going to change forever,” said Ashworth. “This is a special place, with stunning sunsets, majestic soaring mountains, incredible nightlife and food, and the Balinese people who have a serenity, and aura of being truly happy and blessed in life.”

“This is a part of our IndieGoGo campaign,” said Lexi Morales, BrightCoaches Director of Marketing. “The campaign is running right now, and will stop on February 10th, 2017. A $1 contribution gives someone a very unique lifetime experience, aligned with the values of BrightCoach, which is discovering your true self. I cannot think of a more idyllic way to find yourself, than in Bali.” The $1 trip ( will be awarded after the campaign ends, and will be available for travel any time from March, 2017 onwards. The company must raise $45,000 in its IndieGoGo campaign for a trip to be awarded, but the company has added a second incentive, making the trip for two, if the campaign goal of $60,000 is met.

“Our purpose is to help millions of people in towns, rural areas, and cities across the planet to understand who they are and to build enlightenment and understanding about the important elements of life that affects their success,” said Ashworth. “I have personally experienced the transformative power of Bali, and we are excited to give this opportunity to another person.”

About BrightCoach: BrightCoach is a rapidly growing innovator in the Coaching industry. It is a company of talented, experienced, executive business, and life coaches, dedicated to helping our clients achieve their desired goals. BrightCoach works closely with our clients to help them move forward in a unique one-on-one Coaching relationship to create positive change, leadership skills, active self-discovery and extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. BrightCoach has developed a unique Coaching methodology combining today’s latest science of change within structured, personalized Coaching programs, to help our clients move from where they are - to where they want to be. For more information, please visit of
Lexi Morales