Global Precision Agriculture Market to Reach Approx. US$ 7.9 Billion by 2022 Growing at a CAGR of 16%

Bangalore, India, January 20, 2017 --( Beige Market Intelligence announces the addition of an exclusive report to its market research report list with the title “Global Precision Agriculture Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022”. Precision agriculture involves the smart usage of technology to enable better decision making and optimized use of resources on farm. This can stand to be a key to achieve higher yields and to effectively tackle the rising food demand. Precision agriculture, involves deployment of a web of sensors, drones, and software to gather, process and analyze data to derive actionable insights for on-farm decisions.

The precision agriculture market which gained shape in early 20th century has since turned to garner pace because of federal intervention and proliferation of dependent technologies. The precision agriculture market research report provides the detailed analysis of the market by market revenue, growth factors, emerging trends, and impeding challenges. The segments discussed in details in the market research report are

By Component
· Hardware
o Sensors
o Drones
o GPS Devices
· Software
By Application
· Guidance and Monitoring System
o Remote Sensing
· Variable Rate Technology
· Telematics
By Geography
· Latin America
· North America

By Countries
· Africa
· Australia
· Canada
· China
· Europe
· France
· Germany
· India
· Japan
· South Korea
· Spain
· US

The market research report also provides the market share and profiles the key vendors operating in the global precision agriculture market and provides the detailed competitive landscape of key players.

Guidance and monitoring systems market to reach approx. US$ 3 billion by 2022
The market research report provides the detailed market analysis of each segment of global precision agriculture market. Guidance and monitoring systems, Variable rate technologies and Telematics are some of the major applications discussed in precision agriculture market research report.

“Guidance and monitoring systems remains to be the fastest growing application with a CAGR close to 16.9%,” says analysts at Beige Market Intelligence. The analysts also add that the guidance and monitoring systems market is expected to grow to approx. US$ 3 billion opportunity by 2022.

North America represents the largest precision agriculture market
The report includes the market analysis of global precision agriculture market in different regions such as North America, APAC, EMEA and Latin America. The report outlines the major market share holder in global precision agriculture market and the market size analysis of all the regions.

Agriculture in APAC is dominated by few countries such as India, China, Japan, Indonesia and Bangladesh all of which majorly adopt conventional modes of agriculture and are looking to improve upon their yields through a smart leverage of technology. Precision agriculture fits well within this requirement with the same representing a huge opportunity for precision agricluture market in the region.

North America represents the largest market for precision agriculture because of advanced data infrastructure and high degree of technological awareness among the farming community in the region.

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