Scores the Largest Ever Single Investment in Czech Crowdfunding History

The gaming startup is poised to launch across the U.S and partner with big names in sports..

Prague, Czech Republic, February 02, 2017 --(, the world’s newest way to earn cashback on all your spending has already successfully brought gamification to ecommerce in Europe for users and retailers, but has now also secured the largest ever single investment in Czech Crowdfunding history. A single investor has backed the largely acclaimed project with CZK 2,000,000 ($80,000)! The company plans to use this money to launch in America.

RedCrox famously has partnered with over 100 retailers, both brick and mortar and online based businesses, to allow their customers the chance to win 100% cashback on all their purchases (from coats to cars) by simply guessing the outcome of their favorite sporting events. The Prague based company is currently in the process of preparing its global launch in the USA and has turned to local crowdfunding platform to secure funds for it's International expansion. The campaign has attracted 92 investors up to date, raising over $120,000.

"We are proud of the fact we have broken the record but we know that this is just the very beginning of a long way. Our ambitions are aiming the largest markets in the World, including USA, Australia, India where we would like to launch during 2017. We've attracted a lot of interest from local investors and we've gained a lot of experience with our first local crowdfunding campaign. We feel ready to go large," says Stephen John Alexander Flanagan, Founder and CEO.

RedCrox has enlarged his campaign on campaign target to 5.5 Million CZK ($220,000) with almost 20 days to go.

Jean-François Ott, the French serial entrepreneur and chairman of Ott Partners, an investor in RedCrox highlighted the market context “Competition between retailers and brands is at a climax, but the marketing tools remain the same old ones, whatever the client and the market have been using for ages. RedCrox was created to assist the audacious retailer who understands that shoppers needs new experiences based on entertainment and personal fulfilment. Smart retailers understand and love RedCrox as a marketing tool that continues after the purchase takes place and that they pay for only based on success. It creates a hook that brings clients back in!”


Founded in 2013, is the world’s first 100% cashback sports gaming website. Buy the things you need, want and love, upload your receipt and pick the winners in sports from F1 to NFL, to the Premier League for a chance to win the value of your purchased items back. RedCrox is the most fun way to earn cashback on all your purchases. Upload your receipts from stores like Bata, Amazon and over 1500 others and instantly get to play for 100% cash back. No risk, no gimmicks, pick a winner and you will win 100% cashback on your purchase!

Do you love to shop? Love sports too? Well how do you feel about free money? RedCrox is the first website to combine all three. Shop where you want, either online or in store, upload your receipt to RedCrox and in a matter of minutes you can play the value of your receipt for a chance to win 100% cashback just by guessing on sporting matches. Who will score the first goal in a premier league match? Who will win an F1 Grand Prix? Guess it and you’ll get 100% cashback on anything from Flights to Cars to Clothes. You buy it, you can win it back. Only on

RedCrox Ventures is the Czech subsidiary of

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