Avila Spaces Presents 6 Reasons to Join Coworking in 2017

Coworking is no longer an exclusive space for startups and freelancers. Recent data from the Global Coworking Survey show that it is not by chance that large companies such as Facebook, KPMG and AT&T begin to adhere to this new model of work, not only for the benefits of cost rationalization but also for productivity and employee satisfaction.

Lisbon, Portugal, January 23, 2017 --(PR.com)-- 1. Rationalization of costs with Property

Coworking is an excellent alternative to purchasing or renting a physical office. After all, why pay a rent or cleaning and communications service if we can share those same costs with multiple companies in a pay-as-you-go mode, while also sharing insight and knowledge with other professionals who are as essential to any company, such as an accountant, a designer, or a computer scientist?

2. Personalized backoffice service and Virtual Office

Several Coworking spaces offer access to a wide range of secretarial services, including cost-controlled Virtual Office backoffice. In addition to using the Coworking address for your company's head office, which can be an added value from a commercial point of view, you can enjoy a range of services such as a mail reception, personalized telephone service by a secretary, and sending notifications by email and SMS of incoming phone calls. Wherever you are, you are always connected to your "office."

3. Increased credibility

Meeting with a client at home or at a cafe is very different from meeting in a professional space located in a central and prestigious area. Nobody is indifferent to Coworking spaces that offer comfortable facilities in noble areas, with a strong corporate image, meeting and working rooms, equipped with the latest technology and other facilities that promote work efficiency.

4. Flexible and versatile model

Coworking is a flexible working model par excellence. In addition to the contracts not requiring large bureaucracies and loyalty periods, professionals can, at any time, move to a physical office within the same space or hire more jobs, according to their needs. In the same way that they hire more work area, they can at any time downgrade, return to Coworking or join a Virtual Office if they need to work outside Coworking for a long time.

5. State-of-the-art technologies

Coworking spaces are mostly equipped with the latest technology: wireless Internet, IP Telephones, Plasma TV and Apple TV in the meeting rooms. They also have technological devices that allow the streaming of presentations from smartphones and tablets.

These advantages facilitate constant communication and connection between coworkers and their customers, even without betting on a permanent office. This is a set of features that improve the effectiveness of coworkers, support the maintenance of a consolidated network of networks, while favoring the much-desired decrease in property costs.

6. Networking Development

Another great asset of Coworking is the possibility of networking, through the contact and sharing of ideas with professionals and companies from different areas of activity. Both events and spaces like the Lounge favor informal conversations around the coffee machine, which often result in contacts and business opportunities among coworkers.

About Avila Spaces

Avila Spaces is the most awarded center in Portugal and it is the country’s innovation leader in the market of flexible workspaces. Both Avila Spaces and Avila Coworking, offer a premium environment with the latest technology, where companies can grow in a sustainable and dynamic way. Avila Spaces has revolutionized the market for virtual offices with the launching of myOffice app in 2010, an international pioneering platform.

Founded in 2004, Avila Spaces currently has more than 500 national and international clients and it is a member and representative of the largest network of world business centers, the eOffice International Network, in Portugal. This network has over 300 locations and it is managed from the United Kingdom. Avila Spaces has its premises in Lisbon, in Avenida da República and Avenida João Crisóstomo.

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