Bill McCabe Named to Top 50 IoT Influencers in Social Media

Denver, CO, January 25, 2017 --( William McCabe, CEO of Softnet Search has been named one of the top 50 Twitter Influencers in IoT. - The Internet of Things Institute rounded up IoT rock stars and organizations that are IoT influencers on social media. Mr McCabe, listed at number 17, has long been an influential voice in IT but now is shaping the way that we view IoT as well.

IoT and IIoT, or the "Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)" deals with the connectivity of machines to the internet. As IoT requires experience and expertise in both devices and internet, there are considerable mismatches when it comes to the job scenario. With so few who are well qualified in IoT, the IoT industry expects that they will see considerable talent mismatches due to the very dramatic shortage of highly skilled IoT professionals and the dramatically increasing number of positions that are rapidly becoming available.

Bill McCabe and Soft Net Search IT Recruiting firm have been operating for more than 10 years, providing top quality talent to small and large companies from around the globe. Providing candidates for executive openings for some of the largest and most influential companies in the world, Bill and Soft Net Search most recently partnered with one of the top IoT developers in the country to provide executive candidates for a high level IoT position.

Bill commented “I am honored to be leading the efforts to help to find quality candidates who understand the importance of the future of IoT as well as the need for secure and quality IoT products. It is also my pleasure and privilege to help people to understand the Internet of Things and to create helpful, easy to read and informational content for companies and individuals on my website as well as on LinkedIn and other social media venues.”

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