33rd Street Bail Bonds Launches Blog to Educate Consumers on Return Fraud and Its Ramifications

Central Florida Bail Bond Agency Lists Tactics Used by Thieves to Commit a Fraudulent Return.

Orlando, FL, January 25, 2017 --(PR.com)-- 33rd Street Bail Bonds launches an online blog to inform consumers about return fraud. Russ Pacala, owner of 33rd Street Bail Bonds, states, “Many people don’t realize that thieves take advantage of lax store return policies during the holidays. Thieves use all sorts of tactics in order to take advantage of the stores and in the long run, this costs consumers money.” Return fraud is a crime. Criminals use various tactics in order to cheat the stores. A few examples of return fraud include:

• “Cross retailer return” - This is where a thief purchase an item at a low price and then returns it to a different store where the price is higher. The thief then pockets the difference
• “Wardrobing” - This is where a person buys an item, uses it, and then returns the item. An example is purchasing a video camera to record a wedding and then returning the video camera after the event
• “Price arbitrage” - This is where a thief buys a variety of similar items that look alike but are different prices. The thief then returns the lower price item by pretending it is the more expensive item and the makes money off of the return

These are just a few scenarios on how a thief commits a fraudulent return. To learn more about return fraud, please visit online at: http://www.injail.com/return-fraud/

According to the National Retail Federation, “Return fraud costs retailers up to $2.2 billion dollars in 2015. Approximately 35% of the industry’s returns are fraudulent.” Pacala adds, “Return fraud is rampant right after the holiday season.”

Charges for a fraudulent return range from shoplifting, petty theft, or grand theft depending on the dollar amount of the goods stolen. Fines and/or jail time can result from these charges.

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