Kingsman Solution Launches Mentoring Solutions and Funding Initiative for Startups

Bangalore, India, January 26, 2017 --( Kingsman Solution Pvt Ltd, an integrated financial consultancy firm that helps startups and SMEs from idea to IPO, today launched a unique initiative for mentoring and funding startups. The initiative termed as “Startup Womb” is aimed at those start-ups who have yet not got funding and yet to have a substantial revenue model.

Under the initiative, the company will scrutinize start-ups based on various parameters. The shortlisted start-ups will be then mentored, by consultants of Kingsman Solution. The mentoring solutions will include legal advisory, financial advisory, HR & recruitment, Accounts & Payroll advisory, business development and marketing. In select few start-ups, the group will also invest.

There are many startups that have immense potential but need to survive till they get an investor. Unfortunately many startups die before the time any investors decide to invest in them. Kingsman Solution’s aim is to provide mentoring and funding to such startups that can make it big if given some boost to survive and flourish.

Speaking on the initiative, Vishal Bhatt, Director and Founder Kingsman Solution Pvt Ltd, said, “Thousands of new companies are registered every month in India. But majority of them do not survive even for one year into the business. We have observed lack of business operations know how, absence of market ready business plan and execution, non compliant in legal and other statutory requirements, poor HR and recruitment and financial ecosystem as the main reasons of their failures. Some of them even have very good business concepts but they fail because of all these reasons.”

“Under our initiative 'Startup womb', we will nurture startups like babies are nurtured in a mother’s womb. We will provide them nutrition in terms of funding and will mentor them to have their business up and running. Our aim is to make them survive till they get a big funding or a big revenue stream coming in,” Mr. Bhatt added.

Founded in 2015, Kingsman Solutions has provided financial & legal advisories to thousands of SMEs and startups. The company has the mission to help companies at every stage of business from Idea to IPO.

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