New Product: AquaVibox Bag-in-Box Water Distributed by Water Event, Carrollton, Texas

Water Event is proud to announce the launch of its new product, AquaViBox Bag-in-Box Water, a single-use, ultra-clean and eco-friendly packaging solution offering convenience and safety. It can be used alone at room temperature or connected to refrigerated dispenser systems.

Carrollton, TX, January 26, 2017 --( AquaViBox Bag-in-Box Water delivery in Dallas Texas. Capability of distribution throughout North Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi.

No Bottle Deposits
5.28 Gallon, 3.96 Gallon, and 2.64 Gallon Bag-in-Box Water available
Water Cooler Adapters Available

Private label
Can be used for home, business / office use, conventions, exhibitions, hotels, emergency storage, bulk distribution in disaster situations, humanitarian relief and anywhere local potable water sources are compromised.

Vitop® gland and tap

- Very high oxygen barrier
- Tamper evident strip for a perfect food security
- User-friendly
- Easy-to-connect to water distributors
- Self-closing
- Allows just the right quantity to be dispensed
- Robust
- Attractive design

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Water Event
Dave Clark