Family’s Solution to the Sugar Dilemma

Creating the World’s First No-Sugar Added, Gluten & Grain Free Baking Mixes

Libertyville, IL, January 27, 2017 --( The ZenSweet Company is expanding to launch a new line of products called Better Baking. Better Baking mixes are made with real, simple ingredients. Better Baking is the first no sugar added, gluten and grain free baking mixes and ready-to-use frosting. Better Baking mixes have half the calories, half the carbs, and one tenth the amount of sugar (or no sugar at all) compared to the average conventional baking mix. These new baking mixes are Paleo, Keto and Diabetic friendly and can be made Vegan with a swap of ingredients listed on the packaging. Better Baking will be available for pre-sale on starting January 24, 2017. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. A purchase of Better BakingTM via Kickstarter will support the launch of this product line and the growth of The ZenSweet Company.

Living and sharing their ideas for a healthier, happier existence has become a life mission for Michelle Francis-Winer and her husband and business partner, Corey Winer. It all started when Michelle found out she is allergic to sugar.

After growing tired of poor tasting, expensive options, Michelle and Corey set to work in their home kitchen to create their own sugar solution. Michelle, a business entrepreneur graduate, massage therapist, and mother of two small children, and Corey, an audio engineer and professional drummer, are not food chemists or scientists by any means, so you can imagine the challenge of formulating a sweetener superior to current market offerings.

After years of trials, a lot of research, and hundreds of taste tests and batches of baked goods, ZenSweet- cup for cup sugar replacement was born. The need for a great tasting replacement to sugar is astounding. Convenience foods considered “natural” and healthy,” and even many children’s snacks are overloaded with sugar. A recent article, ‘A not so subtle meditation on sugar,’ in the Huffington Post, states, “sugar does previously unimaginable things to our bodies at increasingly younger ages, prompting the name-change of adult-onset diabetes to Type 2 diabetes -- one in three children born in 2000 will develop the disease, and many children in this generation will not outlive their parents.” This is starkly frightening information for any parent.

ZenSweet is currently sold in Midwestern Whole Foods, on Amazon, and numerous natural health markets.

Corey and Michelle understand the constant pressure and presence of unhealthy snack and dessert foods as well as the frightening statistics on the diabetes epidemic, and increase in behavioral disorders and autoimmune diseases. The family sets out to bring simple solutions for healthy cooking and living on their blog, The ZenSweet Life. Eating a low sugar, allergy-free, organic diet combined with activity, meditation, and conscience lifestyle choices became what is known as the ‘ZenSweet Life’. “We love sweets, who doesn’t. But, we couldn’t live with sugar in our diet anymore, especially when it came to feeding our kids. We’re thankful to present a real solution to the current sugar dilemma with ZenSweet and Better Baking,” says Michelle, owner of The ZenSweet Company. “We’re on a mission to bring the ZenSweet Life to all.”

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