Doing God’s Work Better – Tampa Bay Charities Learn Organizational Skills at Charity Coalition

Clearwater, FL, January 27, 2017 --( On January 18, 2016, the Church of Scientology held the bi-monthly Charity Coalition Luncheon in the Fort Harrison’s Crystal Ballroom. There were 84 guests in attendance, representing 50 different organizations including the Boy Scouts of America, Clearwater Garden Club, Religious Community Services and Tampa Bay Magazine.

The presentation started off with the official music video for the Charity Coalition, We are the Difference. Afterwards, a representative from each organization stood up and introduced themselves.

Mr. Dylan Pires, the Community Affairs Director for the Church of Scientology, highlighted the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, one of the humanitarian programs supported by the Church. He continued by showing the guests a recorded interview of an avid supporter of the program: Commander Bill Murphy from the Los Angeles Police Department.

“The Truth About Drugs materials that the Church has come up with are the best I’ve seen. Without question, the best anti-drug material out there,” Commander Murphy said in the interview.

Mr. Pires then introduced Ms. Alisa Savoretti, the Founder of My Hope Chest. As this month’s highlighted charity, Ms. Savoretti, explained how they raise funds for breast cancer survivors who are uninsured/under-insured to receive reconstructive surgery.

The educational segment was delivered by Mr. Tom Cummins. He explained how he came from the “wrong side of the tracks in Las Vegas” to where he is now, a successful businessman with companies on several continents, “I know what it feels like to really hurt. I’ve been at the lowest extreme and now I know what the other extreme is like.”

Mr. Cummins spoke about the lack of organization skills being the downfall of companies, organizations and charities. Using the Volunteer Ministers booklet The Basics of Organizing, he briefly described how he started and managed his company’s expansion.

Mr. Cummins detailed how he used basic administrative tools such as the Organizing Board to grow his business. The Organizing Board is a board which displays the functions, duties, sequences of action and authorities of an organization. It shows the pattern of organizing to obtain a product.

Mr. Cummins encouraged guests to learn how to apply even more tools by taking the free course on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers website. He emphasized that the organizations in the room need to expand.

“You are doing God’s work, but you are in this physical universe,” Mr. Cummins said. “The world needs you. You need to expand and help more people in the different areas you all address. And you can do this with these tools.”

Mr. Pires closed the event by inviting the guests to use the Fort Harrison to host their own events for their non-profit organizations. “We provide the opportunity for charities and non-profit organizations to have their own events, using the Fort Harrison’s facilities as a venue, at no cost.”

For more information about the Charity Coalition events or if you would like to attend, please contact Dylan Pires at (727) 467-6860.

The Fort Harrison Religious Retreat:

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