No More Last-Minute Scrambles – New Holiday Request Reminder System Keeps Team Managers on the Ball

Many team managers struggle to find emergency cover after leaving holiday requests until the last minute. A new reminder feature developed by People HR helps team managers keep their finger on the pulse.

Epworth, United Kingdom, January 29, 2017 --( If there’s one thing that really messes up the pace of your business, it’s when managers leave holiday approvals until the last minute. How many times have you turned up to work, only to find that half the team is missing, and managers are struggling to organise emergency cover?

Managers don’t always remember to approve pending holiday requests
After speaking with business leaders all over the UK, modern HR software company People® has found that this problem most often boils down to managers forgetting about outstanding holiday requests. This results in a day-before rush to approve requests, leaving no time to find appropriate cover.

To help employers knock this problem on the head, the People® development team has designed a simple solution. The new pending holiday reminder feature urges team managers to review all outstanding holiday requests, while there is still enough time to adjust priorities and arrange cover shifts.

“Managers don’t always have time to deal with holiday requests the moment they are submitted,” explains Managing Director Sat Sindhar. “And there’s no guarantee that they’ll remember to go back to it later. The new reminder functionality is a great way to make sure managers are aware of what’s outstanding, helping to prevent last-minute scrambles the day before the holiday is due.”

This new holiday reminder feature went live on the 23rd January, along with several other new features for 2017, such as:
- Timesheet approvals to help managers verify the patterns worked by employees
- Organisation chart exports for sharing the company structure with people outside the organisation
- Glassdoor and Indeed integrations for finding more talented candidates for key roles

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John Crowley