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Entrepreneur Captures Attention in Family Circle Magazine

Entrepreneur featured in Family Circle Magazine shares her secrets for success in the thriving Virtual Assistant Industry. Want to give up the 9 to 5 and finally work at home? There's never been a better time.

Margate, FL, February 02, 2008 --( Diana Ennen knows what it takes to work at home, having done so since 1985. Ennen was among the pioneers in the work-at-home industry when starting a word processing business, but back in those days, it wasn’t as easy to get started. The Internet wasn’t as commonplace and work-at-home moms (and dads) had to learn from trial and error. Research on how to start a business also had to be done at a local library and bookstore, and not from the convenience of a home computer. My how times have changed.

For 23 years Ennen has been providing tips for those that want to successfully work at home and has been active online mentoring and coaching others. Ennen states, “Most just need the proper tools to succeed. Learning how to find clients who want your services as well as determining the right price to charge, can be the decisive factor in a successful business. The key to success is doing it right the first time and avoiding costly mistakes.”

Recently Ennen was featured in Family Circle Magazine in an article on “Mothers of (Re)Intervention. The article states, “Dee Ennen of Margate, Florida owns a home-based administrative support business and often displays marketing materials in office stores.” Ennen was thrilled with the publicity this article generated and acknowledged how business had grown to be so much more than just administrative support today. Ennen’s business, Virtual Word Publishing now offers publicity and marketing as well, as its client base continues to expand as word of how effective virtual marketing is gets out through national magazines such as Family Circle.

Last year Ennen was also quoted in Reader’s Digest . That article stated, “If you've got word processing, transcription, bookkeeping, public relations or website design skills, you may want to try life as a virtual assistant. That broad title refers to people with expertise in a range of services, including administrative support and legal and medical transcription. "There is so much work for VAs," Ennen says. "The field is thriving, absolutely booming."

Most entrepreneurs look for a business that offers them financial security and independence, especially in these economically insecure times. But they also want pride in the work to be done. That’s one of the reasons that the Virtual Assistant Industry is growing in leads and bounds. Today, corporate executives, personal assistants, former secretaries, administrative assistants, word processors, and legal or medical transcriptionsists, are turning in the 9 to 5 to work at home. There’s never been a better time to succeed.

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