Used Equipment Guide Introduces the Market Price Calculator

Determine current market value on used heavy equipment.

Asheville, NC, February 02, 2017 --( (UEG), the world’s largest used equipment search engine, has introduced the Market Price Calculator. The Market Price Calculator is a free tool that utilizes statistical pricing models to provide target pricing for ~8,000 models across ~400 makes. The Market Price Calculator generates target prices based on the real-time analysis of UEG's comprehensive database of $35+ billion in used equipment listings to help buyers and sellers determine the fair market value.

The Market Price Calculator compares the age and usage of a single piece of equipment to every other piece currently listed for sale of the same model or model family. The tool is the most advanced statistical analysis of used equipment pricing that is publicly available and provides target pricing on used heavy equipment, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, cranes, on-highway trucks, lift trucks, industrial engines, and power generation equipment.

UEG currently gives buyers the ability to search over 1 million listings to determine the opportunity cost of buying a piece of equipment relative to other items currently for sale by labelling items as underpriced, overpriced, or fairly priced based on age and usage. “The Market Price Calculator gives sellers the ability to price their equipment correctly, buyers the ability to understand the opportunity cost of buying a specific item, and fleet owners and third parties the ability to better value their fleets,” said the company’s founder, Jeremy Balog. “Users already had the ability to click the price of a specific piece of equipment to see target pricing for a specific piece, but the Market Price Calculator allows users to use any inputs they want to harness the power of these statistical models using their own variables,” he added.

The Market Price Calculator is a free tool that does not require account registration and is available at
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