Drive Research, LLC Launches Using Customer Data to Guide Strategies for Businesses

Drive Research, LLC officially launched its services to begin consulting with clients on market research needs. As a market research company located in Upstate New York, Drive specializes in several custom services including Voice of Customer (VoC), Customer Experience (CX), and User Experience (UX) research. The market research company works with a variety of industries including manufacturing, financial services, and retail to name a few.

Syracuse, NY, February 01, 2017 --( Drive Research, LLC is a new kind of market research company. It flips the conventional perception of market research being data heavy and insight light. The start-up market research company focuses much of its time on analysis, interpretation, and strategic implications of the data collected for its clients.

“Businesses are strapped for time and most executive teams do not have the time to read through traditional 100+ page market research reports packed with charts and tables. They want to know the so what of it?” stated George Kuhn, Owner & President of Drive Research. His market research company strives to not only interpret the customer feedback, but also focuses much of its time on suggestions, recommendations and next steps based on the data which can be integrated with sales, marketing, and operations for companies.

In addition to the assistance offered to local, regional, and national businesses, Drive Research also has a personal drive to help the community through its work. “Giving back to the community is important to us. In addition to making an impact with our client by listening to customers and making improvements to the customer experience, we also donate a percentage of our profits to organizations in need. We win, our clients win, and the community wins, so to us, it seems pretty simple,” stated George Kuhn, Owner & President of the company. “Our organization has its own personal drive behind each project we complete.”

To obtain the data necessary, Drive Research utilizes several methodologies. The company specializes in custom-built market research projects because every business has unique needs and objectives which cannot be tackled through cookie-cutter pre-scripted surveys. These methodologies include online surveys, focus groups, in-depth phone surveys, intercept surveys, and mystery shopping.

Common types of market research studies offered by Drive Research include customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys, image and awareness surveys, attitude and usage surveys, feasibility studies, strategic planning market research, and general market analysis.

Drive Research specializes in services such as Voice of Customer (VoC), Customer Experience (CX), and User Experience (UX) market research services. It partners with several national clients as well as more local and regional organizations. Its industries of focus include manufacturing, financial services, retail, advertising, and education.

For more information on Drive Research, a market research company in Syracuse, visit the website.
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