Could a Robot do Your Job? Asset TV Live Recorded a Range of Opinion

The latest episode of Asset TV's live web broadcast series focused on tech in the working world. It compiled a range of opinion from professionals as diverse as the heads of the world's largest banks to New Yorkers interviewed on the street.

New York, NY, February 02, 2017 --( Asset TV, the worldwide leader in financial and investment video learning, has launched the latest episode of its live web series, with this edition focused on the rise of tech in the workforce. This topic was chosen after Asset TV noticed that tech is a pressing discussion point across multiple industries. A range of videos produced by clients have discussed the change that technology poses, and a large quantity of the Asset TV interviews conducted at the 2017 Davos World Economic Forum directly addressed both the threat and opportunity that automation brings.

To ensure that the discussion featured in the episode would be prescient to a range of viewers, the format of the show was adapted to include a range of insightful information. This was achieved by featuring guest host Dan Simon, Forbes contributor and CEO of Vested, a business which helps companies in financial services raise their profile through utilizing a range of technology; by interviewing members of the public; by discussing the results of a recent Twitter poll about technology and by playing a range of pertinent clips from Asset TV’s video content.

The episode, which aired at 12pm on January 27 on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and the Asset TV website, was an incredibly broad overview of tech in both finance and the working world. Guest host Dan Simon was quick to summarize the main areas of discussion, “Blockchain continues to be a very interesting area of discussion, as does artificial intelligence. Whether its using artificial intelligence to pass vast amounts of big data, or whether it’s using it to create bots and chat so that you can replicate or replace the human interaction that people are used to in their financial lives. Whether it’s getting rid of bank tellers or the phone call that you might make to a bank; can that all be replaced by an algorithm?”

Further elaboration was given from a range of sources. Regular host Gillian Kemmerer stated the difference of opinion recorded from the world’s biggest banks at the recent Davos WEF, noting that the CEO of Deutsche Bank John Cryan, believes that regulation will hold automation back for a while, whereas David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-CEO of The Carlyle Group believes that automation is “coming down the pipeline and that if we’re not prepared we’re going to be run over.” Later in the episode various interviews with members of the public reflected similarly contradictory viewpoints. After being asked whether a robot could do their job a manager of healthcare services said “I don’t see how,” an airport ground staffer stated “Oh yes it can be,” a CEO of a software company said “Absolutely not”, with other interviewers giving a mixed response, noting that some aspects of their job could be automated, but that others could not.

Overall the episode proved to be an enlightening discussion of the future of tech in the workforce and in the financial industry. The next episode will air on Friday the 3rd February at midday across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and the Asset TV website.
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Maxim Sorokopud