Oceanit Awarded Patent for Camera Enabling Daytime Space Observation

Honolulu, HI, February 02, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Oceanit, a Honolulu-based science and engineering company, received a patent for a novel surveillance sensor capable of tracking satellites in deep space during the day and night. This technology was demonstrated during research and development on behalf of the United States Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC). The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded United States patent number 9423341 for an infrared camera invented, designed, and manufactured by Oceanit to achieve nearly around-the-clock operations for enhanced space situational awareness.

Until now, satellites could be observed in deep space only at night, using telescopes from the ground. HANDS-IONS™ provides persistent surveillance of objects at a distance greater than 22,000 miles above Earth, including orbital measurements (astrometrics) for space catalog updates and object characterizations for persistent custody and change detection. The new system also collects characterization data, allowing for a reduction in the cross-tagging or errant identification of objects. This cost-efficient and highly effective system uses infrared technology to achieve capabilities over 100 times more sensitive than previous systems under daylight conditions. HANDS-IONS™ has the distinct advantage over competing technologies of producing persistent surveillance, ensuring support for high-priority, time-sensitive, and urgent requests for information.

Oceanit is a privately-held, award-winning, mind-to-market company focused on bringing science, technology, and engineering solutions to society. Founded in 1985 as an engineering firm, Oceanit quickly established a reputation for developing innovative solutions in the areas of aerospace, energy, engineering, information systems, life sciences and manufacturing. Today, the firm is recognized for its excellence in advanced technology research and development, and bringing these technologies to the market, either through spin-outs, partnerships, or licensing. Headquartered in Honolulu, Oceanit has offices in Maui, California, Texas, and Washington D.C. Visit http://www.oceanit.com for more details.
Sonia Toguchi, Marketing Manager