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Jurong, Singapore, April 03, 2017 --( Nation Maid has recently received their first Singapore PSB ISO 9001 Certification adding credibility to the internationally recognized employment agency. The company also received a Case Trust accreditation for its past business performances since 2005.

Nation Maid was established in Singapore since 1994 with a goal of meeting every household need and requirement of their clients. Since then, they have continued to provide quality and reliable domestic household services for different families in Singapore.

As a foreign domestic worker (FDW) employment agency, they are known for their Quality Service and Quality Life motto. According to Nation Maid, “The standard helps us to implement effective quality management systems and provide quality services to our valuable customers.”

Nation Maid is actually the first maid agency in Singapore that received the ISO 9000 - Quality management that is certified by the PSB Certification Pte Ltd.

It has proved that the standard of Nation Maid is of quality service and that the work ethics can be seen, and are present from each employee. Nation Maid also assures their clients that they are constantly enhancing the quality of service to meet with the customer’s high standards and requirements.

Nation Maid also provides a venue for training the FDW. Their training centre is housed by Acta-certified trainers to assist their newly-recruited FDWs by undergoing them to comprehensive training. Through this, they were able to indicate and show their commitment to attaining advanced competence, efficiency and standard of service by providing well-trained FDW for their customers. Their services include, the bringing in of new FDWs, transfer of maids in Singapore, training of maids and placement services.

The Case Trust accreditation that Nation Maid also received is Singapore’s standard for companies who wish to provide and validate their commitment to reasonable trading, transaction and transparency to consumers.

According to Nation Maid, “This is our effort to take care of customer's benefits. We promise to deliver optimal services to our customers.”

Nation Maid continues to serve the customer with the best quality of service by offering professional FDW placement services. And today, Nation Maid has more than 50,000 happy customers in Singapore.
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