Local Green Pest Control Company EHS Celebrates 30+ Years in Business

Environmental Health Services, Inc. has worked since its inception to set a new environmental standard in pest control.

Norwood, MA, February 09, 2017 --(PR.com)-- When John Stellberger founded EHS in 1985, he wanted to raise the bar in his profession. He believed wholeheartedly in the principles of an early pest control expert in Germany who wrote in his 1939 book “Unbidden House Guests,” that he wanted to “bring about more and better observations of the house” to “bring about the creation of specialists in house pests...” Hartnack, after working for a year and half for a pesticide manufacture, understood all too well way back then the inherent dangers of chemical pesticides.

Says Stellberger back in 1986, "We maintain state-of-the-art technology so as to deliver pest removal by the safest means possible. We use Integrated Pest Management techniques (IPM) which can include simple structural alteration and sanitation techniques, biological controls such as growth regulator and natural enemies, and safe, selective use of pesticides.”

John Stellberger’s mentor, the great and world-renowned pest control expert Bobby Corrigan, once said, "The future great Pest Management Professionals will not be those who are best at using traps, baits or sprays, but rather those who are best at keen observation, source finding, analyzing each (unique) pest situation, and keeping cutting-edge current". This has certainly become a guiding principle at EHS, where the primary means for pest control have become ones like Total Pest Exclusion, IPM, Thermal Pest Remediation, organic natural essential plant oil treatment, and common sense, chemical pesticide- free techniques.
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