IT Procurement Could Get Significantly Simpler Thanks to New Online Self-Service Platform

Houston, TX, February 10, 2017 --( A team of IT professionals has launched a web-based platform that will allow IT directors and managers to find the right IT Solution Provider to fulfill their business technology procurement, one project at a time.

RequestICT (, headquartered in Houston, TX began testing its platform in November 2016 and is expected to become fully operational by the end of February 2017.

The website’s customers (or End Users) will be able to make use of this self-service platform to build and submit an RFT (Request For Technology), where qualified IT providers and resellers in the area will be able to bid for their business in a reverse-auction manner.

The key is anonymity.

The identity of the End Users is to be kept private during the bidding process, thus allowing them to shop with confidence, avoiding external factors. The IT Solution Providers (or Vendor Partners) will receive enough information along with the project details to be able to put pricing together and commit to a service delivery proposal. Once a bid is awarded as a winner; the End User’s information will be revealed to the vendor’s bidding party.

RequestICT is betting on the amount of information available nowadays to IT managers. Since they’re continuously searching online for their best option already, they figured they’d welcome the opportunity to request quotes and proposals online as well.

By using this method, customers will enjoy not only better pricing, but also a shorter turnaround in the completion of IT projects and the right projects going to the right IT providers, avoiding the need for subcontractor fees and risky partnerships.

IT Vendors looking to sell on the Marketplace will have to submit a detailed description of their products and services delivery models and pay an annual subscription as well as commission fees based on the size of the deals closed through the platform.

To learn more, please visit:
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