Acclaimed Los Angeles Auction House Provides Incentive for Charitable Giving

Los Angeles, CA, February 13, 2017 --( Do you work for a non-profit organization or want to raise funds for a charitable cause? Westfield Auctions is proud to announce opportunities for charities to attract philanthropic bidders to live auction events in your local area. Having held weekly auctions in Southern California since 1999, the Westfield Auctions is highly experienced in the organization and presentation of fine art, jewelry, and memorabilia an exciting live setting. With special consignment incentives for charities, Westfield Auctions has helped hundreds of non-profits in both Los Angeles and the Bay Area achieve their goals.

Ronen Varsha, founder of Westfield Auctions, strongly believes that great things can be accomplished by partnering with charitable institutions. Varsha states that, “Every week, myself and our team of auctioneers come together to effectively curate a collection of art and jewelry that fits the taste of both local collectors and societal demand. We know that fundraising is a crucial step in the charitable process, and we will always do everything in our power to help any foundation meet its goals.”

Westfield Auctions has several attractive policies for those looking to raise funds:

· Your foundation can purchase items for consignment price and keep all remaining profits.
· Your foundation can allow Westfield Auctions to organize an event specifically for your foundation, including: a local venue, 5-star auctioneer, and diversified collection of items to be sold. For complete event organization, Westfield will keep a portion of proceeds.
· Your foundation can send their preferred donors to a live auction already being held, and Westfield Auctions will donate a portion of combined donor spending.

For more information, please visit Westfield Auctions online or send an inquiry to
Westfield Auctions
Ronen Varsha
(800) 934-4804