Impulse Studio Introduces the First Customized Protein Shakes in Asia

Impulse Studio is going to introduce in two of their studios (KL Sentral and Bangsar) the first customized protein shake vending machines in Asia. Customers can choose the right protein intake amount. Many people in Asia have a lack of sufficient protein intake. Impulse Studio offers an alternative to assist the clients to reach their fitness goals with the right protein amount.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 15, 2017 --( Impulse Studio is going to introduce the first customized protein shake in Malaysia. BodyShake™ is a transformative, 21st century sports nutrition and technology company. Bodyshake built a flexible cloud-based software platform and combined it with state of the art hardware and the highest quality nutrition to leverage all the advantages of a bricks and mortar protein shake bar, without staff, material space demands or high costs. Bodyshake offers the online user experience of the web mixed with the instant gratification of retail in a compact, highly cost efficient package.

The right protein intake:

When people hear ‘protein’ and ‘exercise’ in the same sentence, they’re most likely to conjure up images of bodybuilders using protein bars and milkshakes in order to maximise their workout. Protein is important for anyone (and not just the pros) who is hitting the gym, playing sports, going for runs or doing any other form of workout. To put it simply, protein is one of the main nutrients that every person needs to maintain a healthy body. It helps to repair any internal or external damage, supports the immune system and contributes to an overall feeling of wellbeing. At a cellular level, proteins are used for just about everything, from transporting messages, carry out the instructions of DNA and defending, preserving and repairing essential life functions.

Nutrition and Health
It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, protein is essential for exercise. Anyone undertaking any kind of exercise routine is definitely going to need more protein than someone who doesn’t. This is because when you exercise, you are effectively tearing and breaking muscle fibres apart, which then need to be repaired by the body, requiring protein to do so.

So where do people get protein from? From a dietary point of view, day to day protein is gained from eating food such as beans, soy protein products, nuts and other such foods. If you are exercising, it is beneficial to supplement this normal intake of protein with additional food items such as protein bars, powders or shakes. These can come in a variety of flavours and types so you don’t get bored.

Repair, Maintain, Grow
Protein is especially important to consume after a workout as during the exercise you are effectively breaking your muscles down. That is why it’s a common sight to see people at the gym eating protein bars or drinking whey shakes when they have finished their routine to help increase the impact of their exercise. It’s also important to mix this protein with carbohydrates as your body finds it easier to absorb the protein and turn it into more muscle mass.
Impulse Studio
Dirk Schmellenkamp
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