New Fitness Brand Primal Speed Focuses on Sprinting for the Masses

Former collegiate sprinter and current unconventional training professional Franz Snideman has founded a new fitness organization that focuses on using the practice of sprinting for general health and functionality.

La Jolla, CA, February 13, 2017 --( The company is planning events and certifications in the near future to train anyone, athletes and average Joe/Janes alike, how to improve their sprinting form and use its practice to enhance overall strength, conditioning, agility, and power.

“Sprinting is a very specific and unique form of human movement that must be learned and can be taught with proper coaching and training,” says Snideman. He believes that restoring this primitive capacity is the missing link to ultimate health and athleticism.

The mission behind the Primal Speed brand is to reacquaint people with the essential skill of sprinting, hence the “primal” theme. Few people realize that the human body is structurally built for two tasks: long distance walking and short distance sprinting.

Unfortunately, many people, even those who train regularly, usually consider the act of sprinting to be only something that athletes need to do. Franz’s goal is to help people realize that everyone needs to sprint for their general health, in addition to the myriad of other benefits sprinting provides.

Franz drew on his passion for healthy living, athleticism, knowledge and appreciation of human development, anatomy and personal experience to create the new brand. Snideman believes that sprinting is key to becoming healthier and stronger.

Primal Speed has recently partnered with MegaMad Industries and Mark de Grasse to launch the new brand.

“I’ve been around a lot of different methods of training over the last decade, and even so, I couldn’t see the potential of sprinting until I read Franz’s stuff,” stated Mark de Grasse, founder of MegaMad Industries. “Once you talk to Franz, you’ll realize how your workout regimen needs to include sprint and power training just like it includes strength and conditioning. Franz is an amazing coach and he’ll convince you too.”

Mark de Grasse is the former editor and owner of My Mad Methods Magazine and the original Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit Labs. He helped create the Onnit Academy and Onnit Academy Level One Certification and currently partners with innovative fitness companies to bring their products to market. He is also the current owner and editor of Mad Fit Magazine.

In order to acquaint people with the necessity of sprinting, the company is releasing a free ebook titled, The Need for Speed, written by coach Franz Snideman. The epublication is available for free at
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