Konnect Financials Introduces Bridging Loan in Its Catalog of Financial Products

Berkshire, United Kingdom, February 13, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Witnessing the market for short-term and urgent loans to balance the cash liquidity, Konnect Financials has come up with a new financial loan product called as Bridging Loan. As per the company’s spokesperson, bridging loan is a tool to keep business moving by catering to the scarcity of funds that may happen for a short period due to the delay in getting the invoices cleared or delay in the release of remortgage payments, property sale, etc.

According to the Financial Advisor of the company, since the bridging loans are meant to address the scarcity of funds, therefore Konnect Financial has a turnaround time of only one day to release the funds for the clients. Apart from using the bridging loan for the business, following are some other applications of bridging loans as conveyed by the Financial Advisor of Konnect Financials:

As shared by the Financial Executive of the company, there may arise a situation where an individual’s bid for a product wins, however, the immediate capacity of the individual to pay for the product might not be there however shortly; he would surely be able to arrange for funds. In such a case, the bridging loan can help the individual with his short-term capital need.

Tax Liabilities
Sudden expenditure can lead to the shortage of funds making an individual incapable of fulfilling the tax liabilities. As per the executive of Konnect Financials, a bridge loan can help the individual deal with his tax liabilities without getting registered as a defaulter in the eyes of the law.

Property Refurbishment
The Operations Head of the company shared a case study of how Konnect Financials came across various areas where the bridging loan product could become successful. According to him, one fine day, his friend wanted to refurbish his house on urgent basis because of an upcoming party in his house. His invoice payments were stuck because of the festive seasons and therefore the refurbishment task went on hold. Highly depressed, his friend got in touch with him and there came in the idea of extending the application of bridging loan for the property refurbishment niche too. He claims it as a Eureka moment for the company.

Investment Opportunity
As addressed by the Marketing Executive of Konnect Financials, there are times in the life where in a bright opportunity for investment knocks the door however due to the short-term financial shortage, the would be "sweet brownie future," remains a mere dream only. To resolve the issue, according to him, the bridging loan would prove out to be a perfect aid to fulfill those golden dreams.

The inquiries for the bridge loan can directly be placed on the website or by calling their helpline number.
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