OTK Media Group, Inc. Produced "Hollywood, Unapologetic! - The 4 Basic Business Entities You Should Know About, and the New Hollywood Generation"

Los Angeles, CA, February 14, 2017 --(PR.com)-- OTK Media Group, Inc. and Emmy® Award winner Orlando Delbert have successfully produced and released the "Hollywood, Unapologetic! – The 4 Basic Business Entities You Should Know About, and The New Hollywood Generation" episode as part of the "New Hollywood Generation" movement.

“Recently, some friends and I were discussing the importance of setting up a business entity and how that can provide legal protection,” said Delbert. “The conversation touched upon the creative process, branding, contracts, copyright ownerships, music licensing, and legal protection of lyrics. As content creators, this is important because there are far too many charlatans and sharks in suits waiting to take advantage of the naïve and the inexperienced.”

“Unfortunately, not enough individuals on the creative side of content creation know enough about protecting their work,” said Delbert. “This is dangerous because most of us want to be part of projects that we’re attracted too. Whether the project can potentially advance our exposure and career, the project is for a cause we believe in, or for monetary gain, we’re all-too-often willing to take a chance. This is great if we’re willing to put in the effort so everyone involved can benefit. However, all too many times, there is someone involved that has selfish motives. These individuals are everywhere within the entertainment industry.”

"Hollywood, Unapologetic! - The 4 Basic Business Entities You Should Know About, and the New Hollywood Generation” can be seen at: https://youtu.be/2nt23IuNIfM.

“As part of the New Hollywood Generation, it is our responsibility to not only be mindful of the content we create and it’s potential long-term impact culturally, but also on protecting ourselves and what we create from thieves and potential lawsuits,” said Delbert. “Having a corporation your work is created under reduces your personal liability. It’s a layer of protection to help shield you and your shareholders from any accrued business debt and lawsuits. And depending on which type of corporation entity you have, it can deduct expenses and reduce taxes. It also adds credibility to your brand. The longer your corporation exists, the more credibility it communicates.”

“Far too many young creatives get caught up in their creative process, the medium they are working in, or the tools they’re working with,” said Delbert. “Of course it is important to know how you’re going to present your ideas to the world. There are many that are waiting for inexperienced talent in the business side that recognize the unseasoned. They often offer promises of “maybe” working on a series or film together if it’s picked up, or recording on a song for little or no pay. That 'maybe' oftentimes means you’ll work for free and they’ll disappear once they can pull as much from you as they possibly can. Learn about the four basic business entities to protect your work. Believe me, they are out there just waiting.”

The Hollywood, Unapologetic! web-series can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxiMXjxxZOUEEUH7wbOG8Rg.

The ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ web-series and the “Pollyanna’s Tear Soaked Battlefields of Hollywood: A Survival Guide Against the Cynicism and the Hypocritical” series of books were designed to be at the core of the ‘New Hollywood Generation’ as a progressive movement to encourage discussions that will initiate constructive lines of thought in the hopes to get young people to become thought leaders and to create a positive voice for themselves, their communities, and one another.

More information about Mr. Delbert can be found at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0216618/.

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