Swanbay and FaZe Clan Join Hands to Promote the World’s Largest Professional Gaming Team in India

The world’s largest professional gaming team, FaZe Clan, has now partnered with Swanbay; a mobile platform for gaming and eSports fans in India, to build awareness of the exciting life and activities of professional gamers.

New Delhi, India, February 15, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The world’s largest professional gaming team, FaZe Clan, has now partnered with Swanbay; a mobile platform for gaming and eSports fans in India, to build awareness of the exciting life and activities of professional gamers. This collaboration aims to introduce the Indian youth to FaZe Clan and the extensive world of gaming, where those with technology limitations may not have previously had the chance, can collect the latest happenings in eSports. To know more about FaZe Clan, visit http://faze.mfan.club/.

Why Gaming and eSports?
eSports, the professional side of gaming, in recent years has gained much attraction from youths globally. The $83 billion gaming industry is growing rapidly at a compound annual growth rate of 5.7% and an estimated global value of US $93.18 billion is expected to be achieved by 2019. The idea of gamers battling to win tournaments with hundreds of thousands to millions watching their each and every move online is alluring. In the coming years, this phenomenon is only expected to continue its rapid expansion.

In 2014, nearly 205 million people either participated in or watched eSports: and this number has seen an unbelievable growth of nearly 21% in every year since. In fact, considering the number of YouTube views and followers that movies, news or other educational videos have received altogether, gaming videos has outdone that figure.

Some of the well-liked tournaments that have gained popularity in recent times include The League of Legends World Championship, The International, Counter Strike Majors, Call of Duty World Championship et al.

Future of Gaming and eSports in India
The first competition that ever took place in the gaming industry was back in 1972 at the Stanford University and the game was Spacewar. Since then, this industry has slowly and steadily groomed itself among the young generation and is spreading its roots globally. Nearly 2,000 gaming teams from India are active in the industry, participating in number of championships nationally and internationally. In India only, there are nearly 10 million serious online gamers and around 30% of today’s young generation between the age of 16-27 are engaged in online gaming on the daily basis.

In India too, the craze for competitive gaming is picking up a pace from its early stages where many are deploying their talent in this arena. The year 2016 has seen many Indian youths winning eSports tournaments such as DewArena, leSC and Flipkart Gaming Online Championship among others.

Who are FaZe Clan and why India?
FaZe Clan is a gaming team of professional gamers and content creators who have an unrivalled social media following. The team has competed in many of the most recognized global eSports tournaments, and won multiple of them. FaZe Clan is the most popular gaming team in the world and enjoy nearly 75 million followers on social media and 5 billion views on YouTube, where they currently pull in 250 million new views a month.

India is one of the fastest growing markets for the gaming industry and FaZe Clan are keen to participate in its exciting future. FaZe also run an annual FaZe5 Challenge where they recruit new members to join the Clan, which will also provide an exciting opportunity for Indian millennials to show off their gaming skills, with the potential for a select few to join the exclusive FaZe Clan club.
Idea behind this Collaboration

The hype around gaming and eSports among the millennials worldwide is not an unknown fact anymore, but in India, the market is still at an adolescent age. People are still unaware about eSports and the tournaments associated with them. Therefore, Swanbay in association with FaZe Clan are hoping to spread awareness about gaming to Indian youth so as to give new dimensions to this budding industry.

The idea behind this collaboration was to bring notice to the unique lifestyle the team members of FaZe Clan are leading, their likes, their passion, and the story behind their success. The eSports fans will be able to take a sneak peek into the secretive life of the FaZe Clan team, the coolest gaming team in the world, through their exclusive FaZe Clan mobile site http://faze.mfan.club/. From the latest exclusive videos, pictures, news, interviews, team sheets, fixtures & match reports to player profiles, trivia and much more, the Indian fans will be able to enjoy every bit of it.

Swanbay – One Stop Shop for Gaming and eSports Fans
Swanbay is a mobile technology company helps in bridging the gap between sports clubs and teams and their huge fan base through engaging and intuitive mobile experience. With our one of its kind platform, we help our partners in expanding their reach among the untapped markets of emerging countries where Internet facility is not widely available or affordable yet.
Amandeep Singh