Tech Soft 3D Optimizes HOOPS Platforms for Native and Web 3D Engineering Applications

HOOPS Platforms offer advanced 3D component technology for native and web engineering applications in a flexible, integrated framework.

Bend, OR, March 05, 2017 --( Tech Soft 3D today announced that it has optimized the HOOPS software development platforms for native and web 3D engineering applications with the launch of HOOPS Native Platform 2017, HOOPS Web Platform 2017 and HOOPS Platform 2017. The three HOOPS platforms power applications with proven 3D technologies, including high performance 3D graphics for desktop, web and mobile, accurate and fast CAD data exchange, 3D data publishing for native 3D PDF, HTML and standard CAD, and tight connections to popular modeling kernels.

"The explosion of cloud and mobile computing, and advances in browser-based technology are transforming markets and creating incredible business opportunities as well as challenges for developers of engineering software," said Ron Fritz, CEO of Tech Soft 3D. "HOOPS Platforms are designed to help development teams quickly get high-performance 3D products to market, even in an environment where development resources are limited and competition is fierce."

Native vs. Web Applications – Benefits to Both
The world of engineering software, and technology in general, is moving fast. More and more, there isn’t a distinction between "cloud" apps and "desktop" apps. It’s about users wanting access to software in the most convenient way possible for them and having the apps connected, regardless of which platform they are on.

One of the most exciting developments of the last five years was the emergence of the browser as a viable platform for delivering engineering applications, and with WebGL, advanced 3D apps can be built for the browser. At the same time, native apps for mobile platforms have taken off due to several factors – devices becoming more powerful and prevalent, integration of Xamarin which allows developers to write C# code once and reuse that code to create both iOS and Android mobile apps.

But most importantly, native apps for mobile provide a high-performance experience, and that is key for engineering software.

Both web and native applications play an important role in a user’s experience, depending on what function is needed or what business problem needs to be solved. Often times, both web and native apps are required, web apps for convenience and accessibility and native apps for performance and user experience.

The HOOPS Platforms enable developers and engineers to create applications with an infrastructure built to support the needs of 3D applications in any environment. Whether it’s an application that renders in a browser, from a server, on a mobile device, on the desktop or via a thick client, using HOOPS platforms ensure high-quality 3D products that will deliver a rich user experience with functionality designed for high-performance web and native environments.

Users expect applications to process and load complex and extremely large data quickly into a 3D environment with superior engineering graphics. And those same users need the ability to publish 3D data out of an application for consumption elsewhere. HOOPS Platforms allows developers to create native and web applications that deliver a rich user experience, and are backed by a team of industry experts in 3D visualization, data translation and native 3D PDF technology.

"Creating successful 3D applications in a competitive market requires proven tools that help you develop better and faster than your competition," added Gavin Bridgeman, Vice President of Products at Tech Soft 3D. "The HOOPS Platforms empower our customers to differentiate their offerings and exceed customer expectations when it comes to fast, accurate data access, high performance visualization and seamless 3D data publishing."

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