Peace Academy Costa Rica Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Program Development

Peace Academy Costa Rica has launched a crowd funding campaign to raise funds for new leadership programs and the creation of a scholarship fund to provide more opportunities to more youth in Costa Rica.

Jaco, Costa Rica, February 19, 2017 --( Peace Academy Costa Rica (PACR), a North American accredited full-service educational institution based out of Costa Rica, determined to provide an alternative education to the “textbook and test” approach typical in the Central American region, this week officially launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for making their diverse program developments a reality.

Borne from a passion for integrating world awareness, peaceful cultivation, and leadership training into an educational facility in Costa Rica, PACR today has students from around the globe who are embracing the learning process through customized learning programs, unique to each of them.

“We are an educational team from Canada who selected Costa Rica as our school destination due to their view towards peace,” said Tonia Shmordok, Founder and Owner of PACR. “Here in this peaceful safe haven is where we are teaching our students about world awareness and becoming leaders and peace ambassadors in their respective communities, and regions.”

Intent on expanding their educational resources and impact on students both at PACR and abroad, the educational facility is seeking crowdfunding support to develop new awareness projects, peace program initiatives and establish a scholarship fund.

Anyone who donates to the campaign will help welcome new students to the PACR community through scholarships, help develop quality peace programs both in Costa Rica and abroad, help complete awareness campaigns, and help design a student-created documentary about the best ideas and programs from around the world.

“We want anyone interested in our educational venture to share their passions and ideas with us,” said Tonia. “This is a collaborative effort, and we are always open to learning about the latest educational developments. Spread the word on the launch of our crowdfunding campaign, and head on over today to watch a video about our amazing school.”

For more information, visit:
Peace Academy Costa Rica
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